Chuu, screaming + running away while recording ‘Late Night Ghost Talk’… What happened

Singer Chu appeared on ‘Late Night Ghost Talk’.

On MBC’s ‘Late Night Ghost Talk’ scheduled to be broadcast today (8th) at 11:10 p.m., Min-gyo Kim, a ‘good-looking actor with eyeballs’ who made many people laugh by dressing up like a ‘Annabelle’ doll on ‘SNL Korea’, boasts a fresh and juicy beauty. Chuu, the ‘heart-wrenching fairy’, has emerged as a special monster.

‘Human Vitamin’ Chuu, who appeared on the recording of ‘Late Night Ghost Talk’ with a bright smile, proved that he is a deep fan of the usual deep monsters, saying, “I really wanted to appear, but thank you for inviting me.” She showed a confident attitude, saying that she was a ‘master of scaring’ recognized by those around her. However, during the recording, she suddenly screamed and disappeared from the camera, Chu?! Indeed, why did Chuu disappear from her camera?

Kim Min-gyo, the ‘Eyeball Seat’, is attractive with eyeballs that are about to pop out at any moment. He said, “I’m not afraid of ghosts, but I believe in their existence.” A few years ago, Kim Min-gyo was performing a musical in Daehangno. He said he saw a strange little child squatting on top of a blue trash can while changing costumes during a performance. After the performance, he asked his colleague, “Who is that little kid?”, but the answer that came back was, “No one was there, what are you talking about?” Unable to understand, he went to the place where the trash can was again, and he couldn’t help but be surprised as if he fainted… Indeed, what did he see at the Daehangno concert hall?

In addition, at this ‘Late Night Ghost Talk’, ‘Salmokji 2’ will be revealed! The ‘Salmokji’ episode of the story of a navigation ghost who guided us straight to the reservoir in the middle of the night. However, after the broadcast, the storyteller reported back to the late-night ghost story, saying that he had experienced something more bizarre and shocking. The mysterious things she experienced at the place where she visited again for filming with the production team.. Afterwards, as soon as she returned home, she had a hit-and-run car and even her parents’ car accident..! The storyteller is said to have suffered from nightmares of the ghosts of the dead again.. The fear of the ghosts of the flesh that began again for the storyteller, and the strange story of the shaman who exorcised the demons she met.

In addition, ‘Late Night Ghost Talk’ will reveal the story of witnessing a ghost encountered in an abandoned karaoke room that is about to be demolished, and the mysterious sound heard from next door every night and the ghost story about its identity.

‘Late Night Ghost Talk’ accepts submissions of scary and bizarre stories by e-mail and official website from all citizens. All contests introduced in the broadcast will win a prize money of 444,444 won, and the contest that won first place through candlelight voting by Eoduksini (LAN audiences) will be given an opportunity for additional prize money. The full-fledged horror talk show ‘Late Night Ghost Talk’ will be broadcast today (8th) at 11:10 pm.

Baek Seung-hoon / Photo courtesy of MBC

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