Cifar: The shortage of medicines in Venezuela is below 5%

Tito López, president of the Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Cifar), pointed out that the shortage of medicines in Venezuela is below 5%.

Likewise, in an interview with Radio Fe y Alegría News that “There are many more drugs than four years ago when we had 80% or 85% failures”.

He stressed that “the growth has been in products basically for Covid-19. That is to say, the pandemic has influenced the growth of the industry units “.

He explained that at the end of 2020, “we grew 19%” and added that “we think that this year we are going to grow 16% over that 19% in 2020, it means that the fall has stopped and we hope that this is the beginning of a recovery within the sector “.

“Nevertheless, This does not mean that we are oxygenated or that the industry is very profitable. You still have to walk a lot ”, he added.

He stated that “practically nothing is manufactured in the country, including the active component, that is, if I am going to make a product based on acetaminophen, diclofenac sodium, losartan potassium, among others, they are imported ”.

Said it is “cheaper” to import pharmaceutical products than to make them in the country. “I pay VAT for the materials, the case, the cardboard, the blister, the aluminum, the ink, among other things, and I also have a cost at the level of operators, personnel who work in my industry,” he highlighted.

“When you bring an imported product, you import many recommendation houses that have much fewer workers and the fixed costs are well below those of the pharmaceutical companies with plants in the country, so more business is done importing than manufacturing “he commented.

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