Cinema: The comeback should start with these films

The comeback should start with these films

“A Quiet Place 2”: Evelyn (Emily Blunt) is ready to do anything to protect her children.

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Finally it is back, the lost cinema. A few promising films should be the symbol of this comeback in June.

The cinemas in Germany have been closed since the end of 2020. But the positive developments in the corona pandemic in recent weeks have ensured that the industry is finally able to work on its – hopefully permanent – comeback in this country as well. Before the end of this month, a colorful mixture of films should conquer the nationwide screens, and that even from June 10th. Here are all the strips that should start in the next three weeks.

June 10: Two thrillers to start

Some promising films have been announced for the cinema month of June so far. The thriller “Der Mauretanier” with Jodie Foster (58) and Benedict Cumberbatch (44) will kick off on June 10th. The story: On the orders of the US government, the Mauritanian Mohamedou Ould Slahi (Tahar Rahim, 39) was abducted to the Guantanamo military base years ago and is still being held there without charge or trial. Long deprived of hope due to countless interrogations and brutal torture, Slahi is not the only one surprised when US lawyer Nancy Hollander (Foster) and her colleague Teri Duncan (Shailene Woodley, 29) suddenly become interested in his case.

The thriller “What Lies Below” with Mena Suvari (42) and Trey Tucker will also start on June 10th. In it, a teenage girl has doubts about her mother Michelle (Suvari) ‘s new partner (Tucker). It’s just too perfect to be true. What secret is the attractive John Smith hiding, who also plans to get Michelle off the altar as soon as possible?

June 17th: Otto on time travel and Spider-Man on the run

With “Chaos Walking” a sci-fi film with top cast starts on June 17th. The plot: In the near future, Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland, 25) finds the mysterious Viola (Daisy Ridley, 29) who is stranded after a crash landing on the distant planet “New World”. In Todd’s hometown of Prentisstown, all women have disappeared. In this dangerous and hostile world, Viola’s life is in danger from the start. Together with Todd she goes on the run from the leader of Prentisstown (Mads Mikkelsen, 55) and his men.

At the same time as June 17th it will be much funnier thanks to the reinterpretation of the British series “Catweazle”. Nobody less than Otto Waalkes (72) slips into the role of the eponymous magician who, due to unfortunate circumstances, moves from the Middle Ages to the present. Also there is the young actor Julius Weckauf (13), the discovery from “The boy has to get some fresh air”.

24. Juni: Horror, Comedy und Horror-Comedy

There will also be a big name on June 24th. Then the often postponed horror flick “A Quiet Place 2” with Emily Blunt (38) and by John Krasinski (41) finally starts. Even here, the danger from the noise-sensitive creatures is still omnipresent. Evelyn (Blunt) is now on her own with her children Regan, Marcus and the baby. Furthermore, the family must go about their everyday life in absolute silence. Every sound, no matter how small, could be her last.

If you are more after loud laughter than exciting silence, thanks to “Kings of Hollywood” Robert De Niro (77) and Morgan Freeman (84) can watch as they try to bring Tommy Lee Jones (74) around the corner. The film “Freaky” also offers a mixture of horror and comedy, in which a schoolgirl swaps bodies with a murderer (Vince Vaughn, 51).

Two interesting sci-fi films are also coming up. On the one hand there is “Proxima – The Astronaut”, in which Sarah (Eva Green, 40) wants to be the first woman to explore Mars. When she is actually selected for the risky mission, the first thing to do is to start a tough training program on earth. The most difficult test, however, is leaving your daughter on earth for the journey into space. In addition to Green, Lars Eidinger (45) also plays.

“Stowaway – Blinder Passenger” is also heading towards Mars, here for Toni Collette (48) and Anna Kendrick (35), among others. But on their journey they discover that there is a stowaway on board their spaceship. The engineer was still on the ship due to an accident – and is now inadvertently part of an off-earth mission that is scheduled for ten years. The problem: The oxygen on board was only designed for three passengers.

This is also up to:

Other films to be released in June: the mystery horror “The Unholy”, the horror “Malasaña 32 – House of Evil”, the romantic drama “Spring in Paris”, the comedy “Buddy Games” (each June 17), the crime comedy “Breaking News in Yuba County”, the comedy “Superintelligence”, the romantic drama “The girl of your dreams”, the family film “Cats & Dogs 3 – Paws United!” and the thriller “No Sudden Move” (June 24th each).


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