Cirith Howling – Dark Parade – Album Review

2023-11-24 09:30:54

Cirith Howl – Dark Parade
Origin: USA
Release: 20.10.2023
Label: Metal Blade Records
Length of time: 44:07
Genre: Epic Metal

Photo Credit: Peter Beste

The legendary ones Cirith growled from Ventura in California are refining our fall with their new album Dark Paradewhich of course again features a successful fantasy artwork by Michael Whelan and also features all of the cult band’s trademarks.

Velocity kicks ass right away, the driving drums, sawing riffs, hot solos and Tim Baker’s unique grater voice with its sharp-edged steel cuts deep into the ear canals and cerebral convolutions, a dream! But let yourself be blown away by this metal whirlwind, watch the video HERE!
It’s more mid-tempo but no less powerful Relentless further, which boasts slightly oriental-sounding scales. The chorus is really strong and should turn out to be an absolute hit live! Since the band has announced their last live shows for 2024, hurry up to see them on stage again!

On the waves of fate

In keeping with the title, the sound of the sea and the cries of seagulls lead the third song Sailor on the Seas of Fate a. The piece comes across as beautifully doomy and slow, with imploring vocals, pounding riffs and complex melodies. In the middle part the tempo is briefly increased for a change and at its best Maiden– Galloped off in a brisk manner.

A Spanish guitar and castanets sound at the beginning of Sacrifice, and an almost Black Metal-like scream sounds! The Spanish influences run through the whole song, and Tim Baker delivers one of his most versatile vocal performances, constantly switching back and forth between almost deep growled vocals and higher pitched screams. Also worth highlighting is the extended solo part towards the end!

Homage to your own history

Looking Glass is a typical one Cirith growled Song that could have been on their old classic albums. The fantastic guitar work is also given a lot of space for indulgent soloing and unfolding melodies, very cool! The title track Dark Parade On the other hand, it’s unfortunately a bit too unwieldy with its complicated riff arrangements and doesn’t really catch on the first time, but maybe the song just needs a few more runs.

These guitars!!!

Distant Shadows riffs threatening and hypnotizing from the speakers, the guitar melodies are once again excellent and give you goosebumps. Acoustic guitars lead the finale Down Below a and high falsetto choirs that are a little on King Diamond remember, change with Tims rough voice. After haunting riffing and really powerful shouted vocals, there’s plenty of soloing again in the middle section.

On Dark Parade delivery Cirith growled officially again and once again set a monument to their unmistakable sound. You can’t praise the band enough for releasing such a strong album in the late fall of their career! 8,5 / 10

Line Up
Tim Baker – Gesang
Jimmy Barraza – Gitarre
Greg Lindstrom – guitar
Rob Garven – drums
Jarvis Leatherby – Bass

01. Velocity
02. Relentless
03. Sailor on the Seas of Fate
04. Sacrifice
05. Looking Glass
06. Dark Parade
07. Distant Shadows
08. Down Below

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