Citizens selected for Hajj 2022 called upon to complete their files with travel agencies

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The Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy calls on citizens selected for the Hajj draw supervised by tourist travel agencies to contact the agencies authorized to organize the Hajj under the year 2022 in order to complete their files.

The Department of Tourism stresses that pilgrims have the right to ask the agencies chosen to inform themselves, before signing the contract, of the services offered, the prices and the methods of payment with Barid Bank as well as the conditions for canceling the contract with the aim of safeguarding the interests of all the contracting parties and ensuring that the rituals will take place in the best possible conditions.

The pilgrim must also ensure that the total amount fixed by the agency and that mentioned in the contract signed with the agency as well as that which he will pay at the counters of Barid Bank are identical, because each pilgrim is required to pay the all the costs of the pilgrimage in a single payment to Barid Bank, specifies the same source.

The department also informs that citizens can consult the list of travel agencies authorized to organize the Hajj for the year 2022 on the portal of the Department of Tourism via the link

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