City of Zug: Missing woman is recovered dead from Lake Zug

The woman, who had been reported missing in the city of Zug since Monday, was discovered lifeless in Lake Zug by divers from the Schwyz cantonal police and rescued that same afternoon. The exact circumstances that led to the woman’s death are being investigated by the Zug police under the direction of the public prosecutor’s office of the canton of Zug. According to the Zug police, there are no indications of violence.

The wanted man was also found, who found two items of clothing and the missing person’s smartphone on Monday morning in the men’s pool in the city of Zug and then handed them over to the husband, the police said. The man reported to the Zug police after the call in the media. He was questioned as a person providing information and was not connected to the woman’s death.

In addition to the police divers from the Schwyz cantonal police, the maritime police, the drone group and other forces from the Zug police also took part in the search for the missing woman.

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