‘Clap one hand’ challenge, Nikita Mirzani becomes ashamed of himself after Najwa Shihab doesn’t respond to it at all, hastily delete posts

Jakarta – ChallengeUnrequited‘, Nikita Mirzani So Embarrassed Alone After Najwa Shihab Don’t Respond At All, Hurry Up happy Posts

After being furious when giving criticism to journalist Najwa Shihab who he considered to have cornered the police, the controversial artist Nikita Mirzani actually received harsh criticism from netizens, Tuesday (27/9/2022).

In fact, recently, netizens caught Nikita MIrzani or who is now popularly called gammer it deleted his post about criticism of journalist Najwa Shihab.

Controversial artist Nikita Mirzani and journalist Najwa Shihab. (tvonenews.com collage)

Despite being bombarded by criticism and challenges from Nikita Mirzani, in fact Najwa Shihab is not at all reluctant to reply to Nyai’s comments to him.

Figure NanaNajwa Shihab’s familiar greeting actually seemed to reply to the criticism of the controversial artist Nikita Mirzani with achievements by obtaining prestigious awards.

As for Nikita Mirzani, who was caught deleting post about Najwa Shihab is attributed to his unrequited attack on Nana.

Previously, Nikita Mirzani tended to be fierce in fighting back after Najwa Shihab was deemed too harsh in criticizing him Policesome time ago.

Controversial artist, Nikita Mirzani. (ist)

Realizing that his sneer did not get a response from Najwa Shihab, Nikita Mirzani was even more aggressive in giving ‘attacks’ to Nana (Najwa Shihab’s nickname).

Latest, in live Nikita Mirzani’s Instagram, he loudly gives challenge to Najwa Shibab.

At first, Nikita Mirzani threatened to expose Najwa Shihab’s ugliness.

Most recently, Nyai challenged Najwa Shihab to meet her face to face.

Starting from Nikita Mirzani who did live Instagram on Thursday, September 22, 2022.

The figure of Najwa Shihab. (ist)

Then one netizen alluded to his feud with Najwa Shihab.

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