Entertainment Clara Alvarado: «At the moment you don't have to...

Clara Alvarado: «At the moment you don’t have to think so much about yourself»


Although for Clara Alvarado (Navalmoral de la Mata, Cáceres, 1990), the actress who plays Ariadna in ‘La casa de papel’, acting is her great passion, nursing was always her “vocation”. The 29-year-old has decided to temporarily put her acting career on hold to shoulder her shoulders in a time of need, when many hospitals are being overwhelmed by the coronavirus. From this Wednesday he covers an eight-hour shift in one of the hospital centers that La Paz has on the outskirts of Madrid. “When I arrived in the capital,” he explains, “I combined Nursing and Dramatic Art for two years and finished both careers. What happens is that in life I have been choosing paths that have led me to acting.”

Clara says that she became aware of the magnitude of the problem on March 13, when the state of alarm was declared and the ‘Stay at home’ became a motto. The idea of ​​helping came later. “So many requests started coming in … But I had a fear, and that is that I have no experience. I did my internship, but I have never been a nurse », recognize. “Then I thought there would always be someone behind who could help me out,” he continues. Finally, he found a place where “he was not going to hinder but help”, a center where things are “a little calmer”.

Since Wednesday, “Is to enter and not stop”, he affirms with an intact spirit. “All the patients are positive, there are three per room,” says the one who only has words of thanks for the human team: «When they see you lost or ask questions, they don’t point to you, just the opposite. They are all the time helping me to integrate as quickly as possible and I already notice a brutal evolution ».

Thus, if the first day she was not in contact with any patient – “I dedicated myself to assisting another nurse from outside the room with medication or disinfecting,” she describes -, yesterday she entered the rooms with the individual protection suit to “Be able to administer medication, see how they are breathing, and even feed them.”

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“I feel exposed and scared”

Now, are you afraid? I come out more scared than I am. I start the day cool, taking care of everything, disinfecting myself, being very clear about what I have touched, but it is so difficult … It is also that we do not have all the necessary material to feel covered. I feel very exposed, it is a lottery. But on the other hand, I think I am a young person. They are also times when you do not have to think so much about yourself.otherwise I would not have made this decision ». According to the actress, there is only one mask per day per toilet, the EPI suits, individual protection, are numbered and in shifts. “We have finished this morning with ours and if for whatever reason another person has to enter the room, enter with a gown that is not suitable for the coronavirus,” he says. Caps are also missing, which has led the young woman to look for one on Amazon, “but it is that until May they do not arrive,” he laments.

It is worth asking if her work as an actress has helped her in any way as a nurse. “It has a part of empathizing, listening and observing the patient that is closely linked to acting work”, answer back. Clara has an enormous desire to return to acting and to carry out her new musical project, but she is convinced that with this crisis “We are all going to reorganize our vital priorities.”



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