Clara Chía Martí has ​​a double and is Colombian

Every day that passes, social networks are filled with a lot of information regarding what the separation of Shakira with the footballer Gerard Piqué after meeting the romance with Clara Chía Martí.

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Since last January 11, the date on which Shakira’s ‘Music Sessions #53’ with Bizarrap was released, many things have changed in the popular imagination when using phrases from the theme to define infidelities and that is how the girl went from being “the other” to be called “El Twingo” and “La Casio”.

The situation has even generated the creation of filters corresponding to what has been the success of the Colombian song with the producer that led many to sing the catchiest part of the song with a background similar to that of the Argentine recording studio. But among so many trends there is also that of a filter that looks for similarities with other people and it seems that Clara Chía Martí has ​​a double, and she is Colombian.

This is the TikTok user @juanitaochoa777 who joined the trend using the theme and what he discovered generated many reactions on that social network and that is that the resemblance, including his unpainted hair roots, is more than total.

I would use it jocularly, she has published the video with one foot in the post full of regret, because apparently it is not her who she wanted to look like.

“OMG noooo!!! To the twingo noooo!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, tell me if I’m Chia or not?”reads the publication.

As expected, the reactions did not wait and also jocularly the members of the digital community decided to turn to the publication to express what they thought.

“You have much healthier hair than Casio 🥰”, “Don’t let Pique see it”, “Clara_ mind you are identical 😅”, These are just some of the reactions that stand out.

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