Class of 80s members at Actor Rahman’s daughter Rushda’s wedding

AR Rahman will also be seen in the film along with South Indian stars of the eighties

The ‘Class of Eighties’ group is one that the film world has been witnessing for the last few years. ‘Class of Eighties’ is a group of South Indian stars of the eighties. These stars occasionally find time to organize get togethers and get together.

All the favorite stars of the 80s also gathered for the wedding of actor Rahman’s daughter. Suhasini has now shared a beautiful group photo taken during the wedding celebration. Rahman, Parvathy, Revathi, Khushbu, Suhasini, Shobhana, Ambika, Menaka, Radhika and Nadiya Moitu are all seen in the film. Musician AR Rahman is also in the film.

Such a reunion was started in 2009 by Suhasini Mani Ratnam and Lizzie. Earlier, Suhasini herself stated in an interview to ‘The Hindu’ that ‘such a group was born from a meeting where South Indian stars gathered at Suhasini’s house to discuss the Chennai International Film Festival.’

Suhasini and Lizzie took the initiative to organize the association. At first, the 80’s starlet group slowly grew and stars became part of the group. The group named ‘The Class of Eighties’, formed under the leadership of actress and director Suhasini, has all the heroines who shone in South Indian cinema at that time.

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