Cleveland Cavaliers beat Detroit Pistons 122-107

The Cleveland Cavaliers managed to win at home against Detroit Pistons by 122-107 on a new NBA day. Locals have just suffered a defeat at home with Los Angeles Lakers by 108-115, as the visitors won at home against Philadelphia 76ers by 119-104. With this result, The Cleveland Cavaliers accumulates nine wins in 18 matches played in the competition, while Detroit Pistons he remains with four wins in 18 games played. Check the NBA rankings after the duel.


At 21:09 CET

The first quarter had several leader changes on the scoreboard, in fact the locals had a partial 10-2 over the quarter to the end with a 32-28. Later, in the second quarter, the visiting team managed to collect points until they returned to the game, in fact, the team had a partial during that quarter. of 10-2 and increased the lead to a maximum of eight points (45-53) during the quarter, which ended with a partial score of 22-28. After that, the teams reached the break with a 54-56 in the light.

During the third quarter, the players of The Cleveland Cavaliers They managed to overtake the result, reached a nine point difference (88-79) and the fourth ended with a partial result of 36-26 (90-82). Finally, in the last quarter, the players of the local team distanced themselves in the electronics, in fact, they made a partial in this quarter of 14-2 and came to win by 19 points ( 108-89), and the fourth ended with a partial score of 32-25. After all that, the game ended in a final result of 122-107 for the locals.

Along with all this, the players of The Cleveland Cavaliers that stood out the most in the game were André Drummond Yes Collin Sexton, who had 23 points, two assists and 16 rebounds and 29 points, five assists and five rebounds respectively. For its part, the visiting team stood out Straw Bourse Yes Mason Plumlee for his actions during the game, with 26 points, two assists and three rebounds and 15 points, three assists and 12 rebounds respectively.

In the next NBA game, The Cleveland Cavaliers will measure its strength with New York Knicks in the Madison Square Garden, while the next opponent of Detroit Pistons be Los Angeles Lakers, with which you will see the faces in the Little Caesars Arena. Follow the NBA schedule in its entirety.

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