Clinic hit: Hezbollah declares “Day of Wrath”

2023-10-17 23:38:56

After a rocket hit a hospital in the Gaza Strip, with suspected numerous victims, the pro-Iranian militia Hezbollah, which is active in Lebanon, has declared a “day of unprecedented anger” against Israel. This is also directed against US President Joe Biden’s solidarity visit to Israel planned for Wednesday, the Shiite organization announced late on Tuesday evening. Biden wants to “support the criminal regime.”

The Lebanese militia emphasized that words of condemnation were no longer enough. She called on people in the Arab and Islamic world to express their outrage through protests.

According to the Ministry of Health there, hundreds of people were killed and injured by a rocket strike in the hospital in the Gaza Strip. The exact number of deaths was initially unclear. Israel’s military, however, blamed the Islamic Jihad, which is active in the Gaza Strip, and pointed to alleged information that pointed to a stray rocket from the militant Palestinian organization.

Eleven days after the devastating terrorist attack on Israel by the Islamist Hamas, Biden wants to hold a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, among others. A planned four-party summit with Egypt’s head of state Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Jordan was canceled.

On Wednesday night, the Israeli military again attacked Hezbollah positions in Lebanon. Warplanes hit a Shiite militia observation post and military infrastructure in response to repeated shelling of Israel from Lebanon, the Israeli military said on Telegram. Since the devastating terrorist attacks on Israel by the Islamist Palestinian organization Hamas and Israel’s counterattacks on the Gaza Strip, there have been regular incidents on the border between Israel and Lebanon in recent days, raising concerns about further escalation.

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