Closure of establishments – Gilles Meystre has become the emergency physician for cafes and restaurants

Demonstration in Lausanne, letter to the Federal Council: the president of GastroVaud and regional coordinator of the branch is on the front line of the Covid crisis and cries out for a state of emergency.

Gilles Meystre, President of GastroVaud, launches a desperate SOS to the cantonal and federal authorities.

Yvain Genevay / Le Matin Sunday

«Everything seems only despair or incomprehension, and our future is now written in black and funereal inkThe letter, sent this week to the Federal Council by Gilles Meystre and his French-speaking counterparts thus begins, with this dramaturgy, this vocabulary which smacks of emphasis and danger, contrasting with the supposed tone of a notable and PLR deputy. Gilles Meystre, 45 years, including five Having become President of GastroVaud, a bon vivant, a joker often, did not expect to co-sign such a letter one day.

Previously, addressing in another letter to the elected cantonal and communal, he already used an unprecedented violence: «Lscared in the stomach», «rabies», «the scheduled funeral», and those words were in bold in the text.

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