Clowns without borders, in Guerrero

CHILPANCINGO (EFE).— The Clowns Without Borders organization, with the support of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), offered a show full of laughter and fun to boys, girls and people who were victims of violence in Guerrero, where Organized crime has left thousands of internally displaced people.

The Alameda Central in the city of Chilpancingo was the scene where for at least two hours hundreds of people forgot the security conflicts they face, with varied music and a show of circus acts offered by the group of four clowns, two men and two women, from Aragon.

“The children are not to blame! From there is where we work. “Why do children have to suffer these calamities?” expressed the clown Toño Zarralanga.

For the artist, working with displaced people is a job that comes from the soul. Being with them and seeing that they can laugh and enjoy themselves for a while enriches the soul.

On its tour in Mexico 2024, the NGO will visit Mexico City and Michoacán, Chiapas and Tabasco, between April 1 and 15.

The director of the Center for the Rights of Victims of Violence, José Filiberto Velázquez Florencio, who was the liaison for Chilpancingo and the Ayotzinapa Rural Normal School to host the Clowns Without Borders tour, highlighted the recreational humanitarian aid that this NGO provides. to children who grow up with another reality.

The activist considered that internal displacement in Guerrero due to the fight for organized crime territories is similar to that of territories such as Palestine.

“Children end up believing that it is reality, that security is with high caliber weapons and that helps children become part of crime.”

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2024-04-12 09:27:39

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