CM Punk Returns to WWE RAW in Cleveland, Ohio: Full Recap and Major Announcement by Seth Rollins

2023-12-12 00:57:00

WWE RAW Cleveland, Ohio

The commentators are Michael Cole and Wade Barrett.

– Tonight is WWE RAW, the red show starts with a video of the events last Monday on RAW (summary of the show here). The commentators then welcome us.

Jey Uso comes to the ring and welcomes us to RAW. Jey Uso says he found YEET. He is very happy. He’s also excited about having CM Punk in the building. Is he going to sign on RAW or not? You have to answer YEET if you want to see it on RAW. The crowd responds YEET. On the other hand, last week we lost his friend Sami Zayn. He wishes him a speedy recovery. It’s because of Drew McIntyre. Actions speak, Drew is not honest. Tonight is the time to take action. Drew McIntyre’s music starts and he comes to the ring.

McIntyre says that’s enough of the nice Jey Uso. Adam Pearce needs to let CM Punk go, Nick Aldis can take him. They don’t want CM Punk here, he’ll destroy the show. McIntyre says he knows CM Punk well, he knows how the story will end. McIntyre says he would like to talk to Sami Zayn. He may have played a role in Sami’s absence, but Sami crossed the line by talking about his family. He’s still sorry that it ended like this. He is able to apologize. McIntyre says you have to imagine someone hurting a family member, you want revenge, it’s natural. If this person does not apologize, we would definitely want revenge. Jey asks for a YEET if we want to see him beat the shit out of Drew, the crowd approves.

Singles Match

Jey Uso vs Drew McIntyre

At the end of the fight, McIntyre goes for a Claymore, but Jey blocks him with a Superkick. Jey goes for a Splash from the corner, but McIntyre blocks it with his knees. McIntyre follows up with his Future Shock DDT and covers him, but Jey resists two. McIntyre goes for a Claymore, but Jey blocks him with a Spear and covers him, but McIntyre resists at two. The referee turns around to replace a cushion, McIntyre puts a finger in Jey’s eye and continues with his Claymore Kick for the count of three.

Gagnant : Drew McIntyre

– We present a video on CM Punk’s promo last Friday on SmackDown.

– Back after the break, we present a video of Shinsuke Nakamura which is addressed to Cody Rhodes. Nakamura said he watched Cody Rhdoes every week as he tried to finish his story. Cody was never able to do it. Cody is good, but not strong enough to do it and he never will. Cody’s weakness is his search for admiration from others. Nakamura says he charts his own destiny and draws his own path. He will finish Cody’s story. He is the real nightmare.

– Behind the scenes, we find Judgment Day. Finn Balor says he and Rhea are missing a week and everything is bad. Rhea Ripley says R-Truth always comes into their dressing room. We need to put a lock on this door! And what’s more, Dominik lost the North American title. Damian Priest says it sucks, things aren’t going as planned. But for the Creed Brothers, they will handle them Judgment Day style. Ripley says pretending to be the boss is easier than showing it. The lack of respect is over, the RAW division owes them respect. She’s going to make an example of Maxxine Dupri.

– Behind the scenes, we find Alpha Academy and the Creed Brothers. Ivy Nile says she will be with Dupri as a precaution. R-Truth comes in with his Christmas lights and says he has to go decorate the Judgment Day dressing room. Chad Gable says Judgment Day is dangerous, Truth needs to be careful. R-Truth says it’s a misunderstanding, he is an integral part of their clan.

– Back, the wrestlers arrive.

Singles Match – Non Title

Rhea Ripley vs Maxxine Dupri accompanied by Ivy Nile

At the end of the fight, Ripley blocks an attack from Dupri and hits him with a Riptide. Ripley says it was stupid to come and confront him, there’s nothing funny. Ripley continues with her Cloverleaf to make Dupri tap.

Gagnante : Rhea Ripley via submission

– After the fight, Ripley does not want to stop the submission, but Ivy Nile enters the ring for a face to face.

– We present a video presentation on Katana Chance and Kayden Carter who like to party.

– Backstage, Adam Pearce walks and knocks on CM Punk’s door. Pearce enters his dressing room.

– Back, Adam Pearce is in the ring for the big announcement. Pearce says Punk has been talking to Nick Aldis on SmackDown and then Shawn Michaels on NXT, it’s decision time. CM Punk comes to the ring. CM Punk says he felt lonely tonight, but he saw the great reaction. He’s been thinking about this all week. It worries him because he loves us. But the truth is, this room has never been the most positive towards CM Punk. There are a lot of ghosts in the locker rooms, he prefers to avoid them. He started in this room with Mickie James on his arm. It was so good that they sent him to Ohio Valley Wrestling after that point.

Punk says he learned to love WWE. He was ready to become world champion in this room too, but Randy Orton hit him in the locker room. The title was taken away from him that evening. 10 years ago he had to make the biggest decision of his life and he has no regrets. He saw a little girl backstage here who was disappointed in him. So he understands that we were disappointed to see him leave and he apologizes.

Punk says he went to SmackDown to listen to Nick Aldis. Aldis gave him something big. And Shawn Michaels offered him the idea of ​​helping the next generation of stars. As for Adam Pearce, he offered him an even bigger contract than the other two offers. His choice was made when he saw Cleveland on the schedule. He is here to bury his ghosts, his future begins now! You can’t write a better story. 10 years after leaving, CM Punk returns. And if we are happy, if we are angry, we will have to learn to love it. Because the new RAW Superstar is CM Punk! And CM Punk is home!

CM Punk signs the RAW contract and poses on the corner, but Seth Rollins’ music starts! Punk and Rollins face off. The crowd sings on both sides. Rollins takes the mic and welcomes CM Punk to Monday Night Rollins! Rollins says Punk is lucky to be here in the ring, but Punk could do him a little favor. Punk should not call this place his home. In fact, he abandoned this place 10 years ago. Punk dumped her and Punk tried to break her up. Punk spent 10 years insulting everyone here and he dares to say that this is his house… It’s not Punk’s house but his own! They are his brothers and sisters behind the scenes, all the fans are his family and this is our home! He will do everything in his power to protect her from people like Punk. He’s going to be clear about one thing, without confusion: he hates CM Punk. But if CM Punk wants to be in WWE again, he wants CM Punk on RAW. The truth always comes out, he knows it, Punk knows it, everyone knows it, this is Punk’s last chance. So either CM Punk will show who he is and sabotage himself and he will take responsibility for kicking him out. Or if by some miracle CM Punk has changed and he has some gas left in his old tank, maybe one day Punk will be lucky enough to cross him in the ring for a world title match and he will take the opportunity to show the CM Punk scam. He’s gonna draw circles around CM Punk and he’s gonna show what the best in the world really looks like.

CM Punk gets on the mic and asks if he’s finished. Punk says he was the only one to let him disrespect him without a counterattack. He didn’t ask for anything for free. He wants to make it official, CM Punk is entering the Royal Rumble! And when CM Punk wins, maybe he’ll come for Seth!

– Behind the scenes, we find Ivar and Valhalla. Valhalla says that Reed will be the person to awaken Ivar. Ivar says that tonight he’s going to put Reed to sleep for good.

– Backstage, Bronson Reed says that tonight will be Ivar’s Viking funeral.

– Back, the wrestlers arrive.

Singles Match

Bronson Reed vs Ivar accompanied by Valhalla

At the end of the fight, Ivar goes to the corner, but Reed gets up and punches him. The two exchange blows in the corner. Reed manages to superplex Ivar and covers him for the victory.

Winner: Bronson Reed

– Behind the scenes, CM Punk walks and crosses Judgment Day. Punk asks where Rhea is. Damian Priest says Punk is funny, welcome to their show.

– The Judgment Day enters the ring. Back, Damian Priest says he needs to remind everyone who they are. Priest asks everyone to stand up for Judgment Day. Finn Balor tells everyone to stand up for the only two-time Undisputed Tag Team Champions. Priest says they have a simple message for all WWE Superstars. It doesn’t matter if you are a returning wrestler, a new wrestler or a veteran, they are all notified by Judgment Day. Dominik wants to speak, but he is booed too much.

R-Truth comes to the ring with his Christmas lights. R-Truth says he wanted to decorate the dressing room, but they obviously blocked the door. How is it possible to do this to him and then not invite him to the ring party? JD McDonagh says it’s not a party and even if it was Truth probably wouldn’t be invited. Priest invites Truth to come speak. Truth says he has a lot of ideas for the group. Firstly he believes that McDonagh should be kept outside the clan, no one likes him. Second, DP needs to stop calling himself the boss. DP is an exceptional boss, but it frustrates Mommy. Priest says Truth is funny, he understands why everyone loves Truth. Balor says he loves her.

Priest says surely everyone in the room loves Truth too. The crowd approves. Priest says everyone loves Truth except him. Priest clotheslines Truth! Judgment Day attacks Truth in the ring 4 on 1, but the Creed Brothers arrive and they manage to push Judgment Day out of the ring!

– Backstage, CM Punk walks and meets Adam Pearce with Drew McIntyre. McIntyre says he doesn’t care about Punk’s story or Cody’s story. He just wants to finish his own story. McIntyre leaves. Punk asks Pearce what he did. Pearce says Punk didn’t do anything, McIntyre just learned he will have a title match against Seth Rollins on the new year’s edition of RAW. Punk says it’s good for him. Kofi Kingston, Chad Gable and Ricochet arrive to greet Punk. Adam Pearce says he wants to talk to all three about the Intercontinental Title.

– Back, Chelsea Green and Piper Niven are with the commentators for the next match.

Tag Team Match

Katana Chance et Kayden Carter vs Indi Hartwell et Candice LeRae

At the end of the fight, Chance and Carter for their After Party on LeRae for the count of three.

Winners: Katana Chance and Kayden Carter

– Behind the scenes, we find DIY. Johnny Gargano says it’s great to have RAW in his hometown after the NFL weekend he had. Tommaso Ciampa says that’s good, but can they trust him? Gargano says now is the right time. Ludwig Kaiser and Vinci arrive. Kaiser asks who this mystery partner would be. Ciampa says Imperium should worry about what Gunther will think when they fail him again. Gunther arrives and wishes DIY good luck. But he can’t wait to see who dares to publicly associate with two weird guys like them.

– Back, Becky Lynch enters the ring and takes the microphone. Becky says she’s here to confront Nia Jax. She and Nia have never faced each other in the ring, but they have been linked together for five years for this reason. We see a video on RAW in November 2018 when Nia Jax breaks Becky’s nose. Becky says that for five years everyone has wanted to try to use this moment to insult her. It’s time to get to the roots of the problem. Since then she has been in the main event of WrestleMania and Nia has had two knee surgeries. So much that no one likes Nia that even her knees can’t support her. She had a child and Nia was laid off. But today it’s 2023 and Nia is here. Nia Jax’s music starts and she comes to the ring.

Nia says she’s not fired anymore, she’s here in front of Becky, better than ever. And the hit to the nose was a lucky hit, a lucky hit that almost ended Becky’s career. A lucky blow that she didn’t deliver with all her force. You have to imagine what would have happened if she had hit her with full force. Becky says everyone knows Nia Jax is dangerous in the ring, everyone ended up injured and Nia ended careers. Nia says that’s why people always talk about her. Becky should thank her for her career. Becky says that’s the problem, that’s the story she needs to change. If it was just a broken face, people would have moved on. But it was for The Man, the one who always gets back up and fights like hell. This is what she has done all her life and still does. Nia and her friends were saying that Becky doesn’t have what it takes to be in the main event, but she proved otherwise. She needs to finish Nia Jax to finish the lie. Nia says she understands, Becky needs her. Becky must prove that she is more than just a moment.

Nia says Becky needs to prove her career isn’t just an accident. Otherwise she will always be the woman who created The Man. Becky says she didn’t just come to talk, but to fight. Becky invites Nia to hit her. Nia says Becky needs this more than she does. Nia leaves the ring.

– Backstage, Jackie is with Cody Rhodes to get his reaction on CM Punk signing to RAW. Cody says he’s happy for the fans, RAW and CM Punk. But the Royal Rumble is coming, he knows that he and Punk cannot be the two to finish their story. Jackie asks for his comments on his match against Nakamura. Cody says it’s a great first match, but Nakamura is vicious. It’s OK to be vicious because he wanted this match.

– Back, the wrestlers arrive and DIY reveals that The Miz is their partner.

Six-Man Tag Team Match

Imperium (Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci) vs DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommy Ciampa) et The Miz

At the end of the fight, Miz applies a Figure Four on Gunther. Gunther resists, Kaiser wants to come and save him, but Gargano catches him and applies a GargaNo Escape. Vinci takes the tag and Gunther and hits an Elbow Drop on Miz to break the submission. Miz pushes Vinci back and gives him a Skull Crushing Finale for the three count.

Winners: DIY and The Miz

– The commentators announce that next Monday Judgment Day will defend the tag team titles against the Creed Brothers, and Chelsea Green and Piper Niven will defend the women’s titles against Carter and Chance.

– Back, behind the scenes, Gunther is furious with Kaiser and Vinci. The Miz comes out and says he wants an Intercontinenta title matchL ! Gunther says he will give another title match under another condition. When he wins, Miz will never be able to challenge him for the title again. Miz accepts.

Singles Match

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Cody Rhodes

At the end of the fight, Cody does the Cody Cutter on Nakamura. Cody prepares for his Cross Rhodes, but Nakamura blocks him and sprays him with his Red Mist! The referee stops the fight for disqualification.

Gagnant : Cody Rhodes via disqualification

– After the fight, Nakamura attacks Cody and does a Kinshasa on him. Nakamura goes for a chair, but the Creed Brothers enter the ring. Nakamura decides to run away. Cody gets help cleaning his face. Cody gets up and walks on the ramp, but Nakamura comes out from behind the scenes and does a Kinshasa on him! Nakamura returns backstage and the show ends.

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