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2023-05-08 18:08:00, Beijing, May 8. Title: Help small and medium-sized enterprises upgrade their basic networks and CNNIC lower IPv6 tariffs

China-Singapore Finance and Economics reporter Liu Yuying

The reporter learned from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on the 8th that on the basis of uniformly reducing the annual fee for using IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) addresses by 50% in 2020, CNNIC launched the “Internet Basic Resources Empowering Millions of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” this year. “Enterprise Digitalization Action”, once again launched a new policy to reduce the cost of using IPv6 addresses.

According to CNNIC, from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024, for IPv6 address allocation, if a member only holds a /32 IPv6 address after new application or renewal, 40% of the annual IPv6 address usage fee will be exempted. The launch of the fee reduction policy will further reduce the cost of using IPv6 addresses for enterprises.

It is understood that my country’s IPv6 deployment and application has made a breakthrough. From the perspective of infrastructure, the network and application infrastructure IPv6 service capabilities have been fully equipped, and IPv6 address resources have increased by about 2 times; from the perspective of user development, the number of active users has increased from 165 million to 742 million, accounting for the proportion of total Internet users. reached 70.64%; in terms of application popularity, mobile network IPv6 traffic accounted for more than 50%.

CNNIC is a national-level IP address allocation management organization, which has been actively promoting and assisting my country’s Internet companies to apply for IPv6 addresses in sufficient quantities on demand, achieving continuous growth in the number of IPv6 address allocations by CNNIC. As of March 2023, the number of IPv6 addresses allocated by CNNIC exceeded 28,700 blocks/32, accounting for about 44% of the total IPv6 addresses in my country.

Synchronized with the IPv6 fee reduction policy, CNNIC will also launch a series of non-profit IPv6 technology training courses for SMEs, covering IPv6 overview, IPv6 allocation and planning, IPv6 routing security, transition technology, IPv6 configuration, RPKI and reverse analysis wait. (over)

[Responsible editor: Zhan Yuquan]

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