Coco Gauf Makes History with Sensational US Open Win at Just 19 Years Old

2023-09-10 17:29:10

Coco Gauf

New York: Teenage star Coco Goff made history at the US Open. America’s Coco Goff won the first US Open title in her career. Goff won the women’s singles final by defeating Belarus’ Aryana Zabalenka. Score 2-6, 6-3, 6-2. Goff’s victory came after a two-hour and six-minute fight.

The fact that Coco Goff won the title at just 19 adds to the brilliance. This is also the first Grand Slam title for Coco Gough. In the recent Wimbledon tennis, Goff, who was eliminated in the first round, saw a magnificent comeback in New York. Best achievement was runner-up in the French Open last year.

Coco Gough is the third American teenager to win the US Open after Tracy Austin and Serena Williams. She is also the first player to achieve this feat after Serena. After losing the first game, Goff bounced back in the final. Coco Goff won the Washington and Cincinnati championships.

Coco Goff came into the US Open with the confidence of winning here. “Losing the French Open was heartbreaking. That’s what makes winning the US Open even sweeter than I thought it would be,” Goff said. Despite losing in the final, Belarus player Zabalenka will be ranked first in the updated ranking. The new ranking list will be released next week.

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