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The latest CoD series, whose open beta test has finally begun,Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ll (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 / MWll)”, but it is an old technique in the seriesCan no longer “reload cancel”It turns out.

CoD: MWll reload cancel removed

In the “CoD” series, a technique called reload cancel has existed for a long time. This allows you to cancel the subsequent animation by quickly pressing the weapon switch button twice as soon as you reload the magazine.

According to CharlieINTEL, in CoD: MWll, the save point is when you take out the magazine, so you can’t cancel the reload after that point.surelyThe reload animation must finish completely

New feature “Checkpoint Reload”

Official website beta guidedescribes the new feature “Checkpoint Reload”. Previously in the series, firing while reloading would have to restart the reload animation for that weapon. However, in this work, checkpoints have been introduced in the animation, so it will start playing from the point where reloading was interrupted (change magazine, cockback of hammer, hit the side of the weapon, etc.). You can still fire bullets remaining in the current magazine even while reloading.

The guide concludes with a quote from Gaz from CoD4:MW, recommending switching to a pistol in an emergency.

It is predicted that the reload cancellation is no longer possible to increase the reality of the game, but it seems that players who have used this technique for a long time will need to get used to it.


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