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The latest CoD series by Activision and Infinity Ward “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ll (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 / MWll)”, Open Beta Weekend 1 is being held.

On the other hand, it has become a hot topic that the multiplayer map “Grand Prix”, which was announced to appear in this beta, has not yet been implemented and the official video has been deleted.

Speaking of which, what about the Grand Prix?

Grand PrixGrand Prix
“Marina Bay Grand Prix” scheduled to appear in beta (was)

Open Beta Weekend 1 is being held for PS version players “CoD: MWll”. Although it is a beta test version, you can still play with 4 new maps and 5 modes.

Meanwhile, after a day passed since the excitement of the start of the open beta, the players gradually calmed down.some important thingstart to notice. The map that should have been introduced first before the beta test was held “Marina Bay Grand Prix(Marina Bay Grand Prix)” has not yet been implemented and is for beta participantsOfficial strategy guideIt is also not listed in

Strategy guideStrategy guide
Map introduction page as of September 18th. Where did the ‘Grand Prix’ go?

Deleted from official videos and SNS

Regarding the lack of “Grand Prix”,Charlie IntelorCall of Duty MWII Informerare also mentioned respectively.The official YouTube video has also been deleted.Confirmation link), and also used for announcementsPosts on SNS were also deleted across the boardBecause there is, it is just saying that such a map did not exist from the beginning. With this in mind, the chances of it being implemented late not only in Weekend 1 but also in Weekend 2 are slim.

Video removedVideo removed
video deleted

“Grand Prix” is a multi-map for 6v6, set in a circuit in Southeast Asia. It seems to be a cool map with a shootout against the backdrop of an actual race, but it may have been abandoned for some reason.

Possibility of being erased, copyright infringement theory

Rumors on RedditThenF1 accused of copyright infringementThe theory thatmap modelThe Marina Bay Street Circuit (Singapore city course), which is said to beIt was disapproved of being used as a stage for a fictitious warThere are theories such as this, but the truth is unknown.

It’s unclear at this time what happened on the development side, but let’s wait for comments from Infinity Ward along with additional information in the future.

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