Colo Colo’s Historic Goalkeeper Criticizes Gustavo Quinteros and Calls for Reinforcements | Copa Libertadores Elimination

2023-06-30 18:26:26


The historic goalkeeper of Colo Colo criticized the white coach, Gustavo Quinteros, for how he faced the match against Deportivo Pereira where the Cacique ended up eliminated from the Copa Libertadores.

© Guille SalazarGustavo Quinteros received a review from Roberto Rojas.

Colo Colo once again had a night to forget at the Monumental Stadium, since since he could not beat Deportivo Pereirafinished in third place in his group of Libertadores Cupbeing eliminated.

Immediately the darts of the fans were aimed at the leadership, at the players and Gustavo Quinteros, the coach of the first team. Many asked for his departure, but this was ruled out by the president Alfredo Stöhwing who gave all his support to coach albo.

A history of Colo Colo as Roberto Rojas talked with Bolavip Chilewhere he identified the sins that Gustavo Quinteros committed this Thursday night in Macul:

“I wonder: Why didn’t he play like in the second half? Why did he enter with three backs? The coach was wrong to wait a lot for the Colombian team, the mistake was there“said Condor Rojas.

He complemented his opinion by saying that “in a game that you need to win, you cannot lose 45 minutes with players at a level that do not have the performance of those who entered in the second half, who gave the team more speed.”

Roberto Rojas demands reinforcements from the Colo Colo leadership

The champion goalkeeper of the 1983 national tournament with the Albos sent a message to black and whiteto whom he asked for the reinforcements that the team needs in this transfer market:

A scorer is missing in Colo Colo and a 10 that commands the team more calmly. They throw a lot of center, a lot of pitches and [ante Pereira] It was necessary to put the ball more to the ground, ”said the Condor.

However, it is difficult for his request to be fulfilled, since in the Popular leadership they will not go in search of a center forward despite the lack of a goal by Colo Colo. Regarding the 10, for the moment the closest thing is the signing of Pablo VineChilean midfielder who already has the green light from the albo directory.

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