Colors of the homeland | The sky of the Arab world is on a date with an astronomical phenomenon tonight: “A wonderful scene”

Among a package of astronomical phenomena that decorated the sky of Egypt and the Arab world during the month of August, the beginning of the joining of the red planet Mars to Jupiter and Saturn, starting today, is observed, which gives an opportunity for amateurs and scientists to follow 3 planets during summer nights.

Details of the astronomical phenomenon

And according to what the Jeddah Astronomical Society stated on its official page on the social networking platform “Facebook”, that the vision of Mars Available if the eastern horizon is completely exposed without obstructions; The planet appears above the horizon within a few minutes after midnight. In addition, the Pleiades star cluster will be observed to the left of Mars, but the vision will not be clear to the naked eye inside cities with obstacles.

Information about observing Mars

Mars will also look its best when observed with telescopes, when it is high in the sky on the southeast horizon before dawn, bearing in mind that the red planet rises about two minutes early each day.

Gradually it shines Mars Its apparent size increases at the end of autumn, especially when seen with a telescope.

And after a few hours of observing Mars or the red planet, Saturn reaches its encounter with the sun in the Earth’s sky, on Sunday, at a distance of 1,325,437,134 kilometers and is 100% illuminated by sunlight.

The diameter of Saturn’s disk will be 18.8 arcseconds, and its apparent luminosity (+0.3) is the best time to observe and photograph the planet and its moons.

This conjunction represents the best time of year to see Saturn, since Earth is about 300 million km closer to the planet, because they are on the same side from the Sun than when the planet is in solar conjunction.

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