“Combating Social Fraud: Boosted Controls and Regulations to Recover Billions – Latest Updates and News”

2023-05-29 20:56:46

The Court of Auditors estimates social fraud between 6 and 8 billion euros per year. The government is proposing more controls and means to multiply by 2 of the 2027 the results obtained last year.

After the fight against tax evasion – the government’s plan was presented a few weeks ago – Gabriel Attal, the Minister of Public Accounts, is now tackling social fraud.

In 2022, 1.6 billion euros were restated. The stated objective is now to reach 3 billion euros by the end of the five-year term. How? By multiplying controls… and resources. 1,000 civil servant positions will be created and 1 billion euros will be committed to the information systems of the social security funds.

Reinforcement of conditions for allowances

The objective being above all to multiply the crossovers, for example between the Fisc and the Ursaff. In detail, Gabriel Attal wants to target several sectors. First, RSA fraud, which represents more than one billion euros per year. From 2025, applications will be pre-filled to simplify and better control access to rights. More broadly, allowances will no longer be paid to accounts outside the European Union from July 1.

It will now be necessary to spend nine months of the year in the country, against six currently planned, to benefit from family allowances or the minimum old age, also indicated Gabriel Attal to the Parisian. The same goes for the APLs, which only require eight months of presence for the time being.

Control of retirees abroad

Another announcement: the merger of the vital card and the identity card with a chip to more easily identify the person and check his rights to health insurance. Bercy also wants to target retirees living outside European borders in order to better identify those who have died but continue to receive benefits.

Finally, concerning self-employed fraud, a regularization window will be set up. And in 2027, through a withholding tax, platforms like Uber or Deliveroo will have to pay the contributions of their autoentrepreneurs.

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