Combined drug for hypertension turned out to be more effective than standard therapy

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Doctors from Australia and the UK have completed Phase III clinical trials of a combination drug for hypertension. It contains four active ingredients from different pharmacological groups in small doses. This allows you to lower your blood pressure to normal levels without causing serious side effects. One year after starting treatment, systolic blood pressure in study participants who received the combination drug was 6.9 millimeters of mercury less than that of people taking one drug at the standard dosage. Clinical trial results published в The Lancet.

Hypertension or arterial hypertension is called an increase in systolic blood pressure of more than 140 millimeters of mercury, and diastolic – more than 90 millimeters of mercury. According to the WHO, hypertension suffer 1.28 billion people worldwide. Moreover, in Russia arterial hypertension diagnosed 43 percent of the population. Usually, at the beginning of treatment, patients are prescribed one or two drugs, and then drugs from other pharmacological groups are added, since one drug does not always manage to keep blood pressure in the normal range. In this case, patients often experience side effects due to high dosages of active ingredients.

Doctors from Australia and the UK, led by Anthony Rodgers of the George Institute for Global Health, have completed a Phase III clinical trial of a hypertension drug containing four substances from different pharmacological groups at low dosages. One tablet contains 37.5 milligrams of irbesartan, 1.25 milligrams of amlodipine, 0.625 milligrams of indapamide and 2.5 milligrams of bisoprolol. Dosages below standard dosages, according to doctors, should help keep blood pressure levels in the normal range, but avoid side effects.

In clinical trials, 300 people with hypertension received the combination drug, and 291 people with hypertension received standard treatment with 150 milligrams of irbesartan. Before the study began, participants either had no treatment for hypertension at all, or received only one drug, which they stopped taking at the beginning of the study. Patients were monitored for a year, and the attending physician could prescribe additional medication if the patient persisted with high blood pressure. At the same time, the study was blind – the doctors did not know what exactly the patients were taking, but were guided only by the blood pressure readings.

During the year, 15 percent of the people in the experimental drug group and 40 percent of the participants in the irbesartan group were prescribed an additional drug. Overall, systolic blood pressure in people taking the combination drug was 6.9 mmHg less than people taking irbesartan alone (p <0.0001).

There were 7 serious adverse events in the combination drug group and 3 serious adverse events in the control group. Their connection with taking the drug has not been proven. At the same time, there was no difference in the number of participants who left the study due to side effects of treatment: in the combination drug group, there were 4 percent, and in the control group – 2.4 percent.

The researchers concluded that starting hypertension with a low-dose combination drug is more effective than starting with a single drug at the normal dosage because it achieves lower blood pressure levels with no different side effects.

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Lifestyle changes, such as cutting down on salt in the diet, can also help reduce blood pressure in the early stages of hypertension. Certain fruits can also help reduce blood pressure. British scientists recently discoveredthat the consumption of berries and red wine is associated with a decrease in systolic pressure due to the flavonoids they contain.

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