Combined Lamparter takes World Championship bronze |

The defending champion finished on Saturday in the large hill individual with 10 km cross-country skiing 1:04.7 minutes behind the victorious Norwegian Jarl-Magnus Riiber. His compatriot Jens Luraas Oftebro secured silver in the final sprint 3.3 seconds ahead of Lamparter. Salzburg’s Stefan Rettenegger, eighth in vaulting, finished fifth behind Estonia’s Kristjan Ilves (-1:10.2).

With his three podium finishes, Lamparter is the most successful Austrian athlete in terms of the number of medals in these title fights, but ski jumper Eva Pinkelnig won silver twice. The World Cup leader now has six World Championship medals. Two years ago in Oberstdorf he had won the titles on the large hill and in the team sprint as well as bronze with the team. In Slovenia, there were also third places in the mixed premiere and in the team. Overall, the ÖSV in Planica has now recorded six medals – two in silver, four in bronze.

“hard won”

“It was so tough. I tried to put pressure on from the start, nobody helped me,” said Lamparter in an ORF interview. “I’m mega-mega happy and so proud of the bronze medal. I’m very proud because it was hard-fought. The team medals were really great, but an individual medal is more important.” Lamparter not only literally took off his hat to Riiber: “It’s amazing what he’s doing. He’s partially extended his lead. If he hits it, he’s also in the top ten in the special jumpers.”

Despite missing out on a medal, Rettenegger was very happy with himself: “I’m extremely proud to have such a cool race again. To be so perfectly prepared for the highlight of the season! I knew it would be a difficult race. I’m feeling pretty good felt, then I had to make the hole completely by myself. Closing 20 seconds is incredibly tough.”

With this victory, Riiber got all four gold medals in these title fights. The 25-year-old won the last three gold medals on the normal hill and in the team, this time triumphed in the mixed premiere and for the first time in the large hill individual. With these eight titles, the record holder of World Cup victories is number one in the history of the combined athletes, surpassing the seven-time gold medalist Eric Frenzel of Germany.


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