Common Diseases that Cause Ear Pain: How to Recognize and Treat Them

2023-06-28 19:00:00

10:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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A sudden whistling pain without reasons may tell you that there is an ear problem or a disease that warns you of it and should not be ignored.

And many diseases do not have to be related to the ear, but there are diseases that the ear informs you of if they exist. Here are diseases that cause ear pain, according to what was stated in the “Mayo Clinic” concerned with health.

1- Low blood pressure

When some of us feel a whistle in the ear suddenly, without warning of the occurrence of that whistle, this is a sign of low blood pressure, when it decreases, tinnitus arises in the form of a whistle, so in this case the whistle should not be ignored and the pressure measured.

2- Heart problems

Tinnitus is associated with heart problems, and is accompanied by chest pain and dizziness, as a result of circulatory problems associated with atherosclerosis, high pressure, and head tumors.

3- A hormonal imbalance

There are other reasons associated with the presence of tinnitus due to thyroid problems, and to treat this imbalance it is recommended to exercise and not to get emotional and intolerant.

4- mumps

Mumps is a viral disease that spreads through infection. It may cause swelling in the salivary glands, especially in the parotid glands located between the ear and the jaw. This disease results in ringing in the ears, so you should not ignore this sign and conduct examinations to treat it.

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