Comparatif Duel : Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L vs Ninja Air Fryer AF100EU

If they are both loaded by a drawer that must then be slid under the resistance and the fan, if they have similar dimensions, our two forces present adopt quite different lines. As usual, Xiaomi relies on a very sober design with a particularly minimalist control panel.

Xiaomi and Ninja don’t have the same approach to design at all.

Opposite, Ninja dares a little more relief and multiplies the buttons to stick to the number of programs and offer direct commands. Although this saves programming time, we prefer the single button with integrated Oled screen of the Chinese model, which offers menus in several languages ​​(including French) and gives access to more programs (8 against 4) .

The screen of the Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L.

The screen of the Xiaomi fryer is not very bright, but very practical.

As usual, the programs are not always reliable, but they give an idea of ​​the recipes that can be made, and it is possible to personalize them here thanks to wifi. Indeed, the Mi Smart Air Fryer is a connected fryer. It can thus communicate with a smartphone and the Xiaomi app to modify the settings of the various programs, but also to send cooking alerts. Recipes are also available in the app.

Note that Xiaomi delivers its fryer with a frying tray and a grid to slide into its basket, thus allowing certain foods to be cooked on two levels. Attention all the more appreciable as the capacity of the drawer is a little tight (3.5 l).

The cooking accessories supplied with each fryer.

The grid of the Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L makes good use of the volume of the basket.

With 3.8 l, the Air Fryer AF100EU, however, does not have much more space to offer for cooking food, and only a frying tray is provided in its case. We can also regret the absence of an application, if only to easily find recipes to make. The biggest asset of the American model is that it can be regulated up to 210°C, which is 10°C above the Xiaomi fryer. Both models, on the other hand, can be set from 40°C to dehydrate food.

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