Comprehensive health day held in the community of Sabaneta in Miranda

The General Directorate of Health of the municipality of Guaicaipuro, Miranda state, held a comprehensive health day in the community of Sabaneta, in the Tácata parish, in which more than 300 people were treated with free medical services.

This was announced by the director of Health of the municipality, Alonso Quevedo, who specified that during the day 80 people were treated, under the house-to-house modality; 18 in internal medicine; 10 in gynecology and 6 Pap smears were performed; 31 in pediatrics; 6 in obstetrics; 2 people in surgery and 51 patients in general medicine.

Likewise, Alonso Quevedo indicated that in this activity medicines were delivered to 105 people and doses of vaccines were applied.

“Today we are here, in the Tácata parish, providing health that has been a priority for our mayor Farith Fraija, in coordination with the Altos Mirandinos Axis; as well as the deployment of more than 40 health professionals and medical students, in order to attend to those people who require it, free of charge, organized and in their own parish,” said the director of Health of the municipality, from According to the information published on the Instagram account of the Mayor’s Office of Guaicaipuro, @guaicaipurociudadcapital.


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