Concern grows in the bullfighting world for an animal welfare direction in the hands of Podemos

Bad times for bullfighting, both for what is cooked inside for what is cooked outside. To the internal problems of bullfighting due to its unstable economic structure and lack of real unity, the creation of a general Directorate of Animal Welfare that will depend on United We can now be added, a party that has always been contrary to the Fiesta. At his side, a PSOE that is profiled and other partners not in favor of the bullfighting cultural tradition.

As ABC already explained in a comprehensive report in November, the world of the bull was on alert since the PSOE and Podemos pact became known. “Decent treatment of animals” was contained in point number 3 of the signed document when the sixth bull of the electoral hangover had not yet been dragged. The alert was soon unleashed on social networks, among amateurs and professionals. “It’s very bad news for Spain and for the whole bullfighting family,” said businessman and farmer José Luis Lozano, one of the most authoritative voices in the sector. «This gentleman of Podemos, whose mouth is so full talking about freedom, has been in favor of suppressing bulls from the beginning. I don’t know if they can get it, but wherever they govern they try to suffocate the show, with unassuming conditions, and more things are being banned than ever.

And therein lies the crux of the matter. While some socialist voices that govern such bullfighting places as Extremadura have commented that the PSOE, knowing that among its voters there are many fans, would not ban bulls, its now partners of Podemos in the Government of Pedro Sánchez will do everything possible to put all you lock them into the bull’s world. It will be seen if socialism returns to betray its own voters and even if Sanchez again contradicts himself in his own words. (“You, support an IL against animal abuse. Does the Fiesta include, given that there are many socialists who like it?” Sanchez asked in October 2014. Answer: “No.” “Bullfighting is culture in my opinion and, therefore, I leave it aside … I, of course, from a personal point of view, will not see me in any bullfight, I do not share that culture, but I respect that culture »).

This is included in the program of the United We can at point 42: «Protect the rights of animals. To this end, an Animal Welfare Law will be approved in which a VAT reduction will be introduced for veterinary services from the current 21% to 10% and the animal feed products from the current 10% to 4%, an increase in the protection of through the creation of specialized units in the bodies and security forces of the State, the criminalization of the crime of mistreatment of wild animals and an increase in penalties for the abandonment of animals. At the same time, improvements in the control of domestic animals and the possibility of including them without problems in means of transport, public centers, shelters and protection institutions will be implemented. The control of the production of consumer animals, with the installation of cameras, with inspections and with the requirement of stunning before slaughter, will be improved, and ethical methods for population control of wild animals will be passed. In this direction of guaranteeing animal welfare, aid and subsidies related to bullfighting will be eliminated and shows that imply animal abuse will be prohibited.

And the 43: “Recognize in the Civil Code animals as beings who feel. As already established in other European countries, animals will never be considered as any goods. This will offer greater guarantees both to the animals and to those with whom they live when they are in the process of embargo, in which the animals cannot be a good more contained in the property; in situations of family crisis, in which they will have to have a consideration as part of the family they are; and in a situation of protection, in which people cannot be forced to separate from their animals, among other legal and moral implications.

Pacma has already asked Can we hold a referendum on bullfighting in Spain and also require the PSOE to implement measures against animal abuse.

The great uncertainty and concern in the bullfighting sector (and hunting) is the creation of this portfolio of animal welfare deposited with Pablo Iglesias. Squeeze the males …

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