Confirm 4 deaths and more than 70 infections due to an outbreak in a nursing home in Osorno | National

Two weeks after a covid-19 outbreak in the Long Stay Establishment for the Elderly (Eleam) “Santa María” in Osorno, Las Rosas Foundation confirmed that four deaths and more than 70 infections have already been registered.

It was at the beginning of the month when Santa Maria Home confirmed the first infected residents, the above, as reported, as a result of the investigation where the first case was corroborated, which corresponded to a collaborator of the enclosure who tested positive on October 27.

As a result, various measures have been implemented to contain the outbreak. However, according to the latest report delivered by the Las Rosas Foundation, there are currently 76 residents positive for Covid-19; Of these, 15 are hospitalized and 4 in a Sanitary residence, in addition it was reported that 18 workers who tested positive.

In this regard, seremi de Salud in the Los Lagos region, Scarlett Molt, confirmed that all actions are being carried out to contain the disease.

Therefore, he confirmed that it is a “very complex outbreak” since the main affectation falls on a group of high-risk people.

It remains to be mentioned that of the totality of the residents who attend the Santa María home, 21 of them have been negative for the virus.

Regarding the deaths, Fundación Las Rosas, representative of Eleam, through a statement reported that there have been four deaths of residents who died from Covid 19 and one due to natural death since the beginning of the outbreak.

For his part the regional director of the National Service for the Elderly, Mauricio Aroca, confirmed that this is the largest outbreak of infections that has been detected in the area.

Of course, he said that there has been positive work to combat the pandemic in the about 25 Eleam that govern the region.

Finally, they reported that a team from Home Hospitalization and Senama are carrying out the treatments and procedures that the residents require.


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