Considered Drowning, A Teen Kills Small Fish Poisoning While Snorkeling Page all

MADRID, – A teenager died in one of the Spanish seas after being stung poisonous fish moment snorkeling on the tourist beach.

Launch Mirror on Friday (21/8/2020), the teenager was visiting the Platja d’Aro resort on the Costa Brava, Spain when the incident occurred.

Shocked beachgoers helped to pull the 16-year-old boy out of the water after desperate parents said they had not seen their child for half an hour at sea.

Initially, it was thought he had sink. However, medics later saw small wounds between 2-3 millimeters near her throat and several on her face.

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Youth named Arnau B, from the village of Montagut i Oix in Girona.

An autopsy has been done on Arnau.

Later, the parents said the autopsy showed that, just before dying, the child had experienced anaphylactic “shock” after being bitten or punctured by a Trachinus araneus, also known as spotted weever.

The fish can reach 45 centimeters in length, has 3 very poisonous spines on its back, and usually these fish live in shallow water near rocks.

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The prickling of this fish usually provides a severe burning and pain sensation that goes away with hot water, but can also cause dizziness, nausea, loss of consciousness, and even death from anaphylactic “shock”.

Police said they were still investigating the case and would look at the underwater camera the teenager used to film the seabed.

They hope to provide further clues about his death.

The boy leaves snorkeling in the afternoon, but after half an hour of being out of sight, his family became worried and alerted the lifeguard.

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Another visitor saw his body after 15 minutes.

Immediately, the teenager’s body was brought to shore for first aid rescue, but to no avail.

In a statement, the teen’s parents said their child was snorkeling “When he found a jellyfish 100 meters from the beach, which took the cub to a strange and very colorful fish with a harmless face.”

“He managed to record it for 30 seconds remotely, but at the last second, the film, the fish disappeared and injured his jaw, causing ‘instantaneous’ death,” his parents said.

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The Montagut i Oix Council expressed its disappointment over the teenager’s death.

He is described as “a young man with an interest in nature and animal photography”, who has collaborated with the El Brull nature magazine and with the city council, on many occasions.

“We have no words. Our thoughts are with the family. All our support in these sad times,” said a spokesman.

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