Construction holidays: the big winners

While holidaymakers have rather abandoned the large urban centers during the construction holidays, the more remote regions have made golden business.

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Quebecers have heard the Legault government’s call and have chosen to explore their province during their summer vacation.

In the Gaspé and Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean regions, in particular, several accommodation sites were full during the two busiest weeks of the summer.

From camping to hotels to Bed & Breakfasts, it was difficult to find a place to stay for those who had not already booked.

For the hotel industry in Montreal and Quebec, the situation was far from being so rosy.

In the metropolis, the hotel occupancy rate was around 20%. On the Quebec side, it was around 15%.

This is a sad record for the two cities which usually experience one of their busiest times of the year during the two weeks of construction.

“Sad is the word to describe the tourism industry. Old Montreal is not the same. That would be the best way I can describe it, ”admitted a merchant I met in the Old Port.

The traders, out of breath, try as best they can to survive.

“There is not a lot of traffic in the Old Port. There is not a lot of traffic in the city center. It’s pretty hard. It’s been since May that I reopened. I closed for 7-8 weeks, and now I am here, alone. I have two employees who are on the PCU. Little by little, I try to make them work one day a week so that I too can take some time for myself, ”says another business owner from Old Montreal.


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