Contemporary art and sport come together in honor of the Olympic Games in 13 French cities

2024-04-21 12:09:27

From contemporary art to the 24-hour circuit of Le Mans, the bowling alley, the swimming pool or the skatepark. In honor of the Olympic Games, 13 French cities are offering exhibitions from May to October in spaces dedicated to sport.

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The old port of Marseille will host a work dedicated to the storm from June 30 (NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP)

Thirteen eclectic exhibitions, for a “generous event which abandons clichés about contemporary art to embrace an ode to diversity”, summarizes Fabien Donesi, director of the Regional Contemporary Art Fund (FRAC) Corsica and general curator of exhibitions .

So many places which will become, for the duration of an exhibition, a new playground to respond to “the first ambition” of this project “Art & Sport”: “democratize contemporary art by reaching out to sports users and taking works out of art centers or museums”, Fabien Danesi explains to AFP. From Sartène (South Corsica) to Nevers, Grenoble, Paris or Saint-Brieuc (Côte d’Armor), “the ambition was to link art and sport in this year of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games”.

Drawing on the collections of the 22 FRACs of France, which are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, “these sports establishments will become unexpected exhibition spaces in which videos, photographs and installations will appear to encourage a step aside”, he continues.

“Abandon the clichés”

It will begin at the Nevers sports center (Nièvre) from May 5 to June 2 with the presentation of a selection of video and photographic works focused on the hand.

Then at the Saint-Brieuc convention center from May 8 to 12, during the 26th national games of the future for disabled sports, an exhibition around neon will try to “tell in a magical way the new impetus that people with disabilities are capable of finding”.

At the “climbing center” in Mulhouse, from May 15 to June 30, “we are going to deal with polychromy, because when we go to a climbing wall, we realize that the routes are of different colors depending on their level of technicality. The place is already, in itself, polychrome”, underlines Mr. Danesi.

An exhibition of tree photographs will be hosted at the Sin-Le-Noble bowling alley (North) from May 17 to June 23.

At the Pau nautical stadium (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) from June 1 to July 31, the marine worlds will be at the top of the bill.

On the 24 hours of Le Mans automobile circuit (Sarthe), from June 9 to 16, the theme of time will be mixed by the artists to become “a space of experimentation where past, present and future intersect”.

At the Grenoble sports center from June 15 to 30, a “compilation of the world’s choreographic wealth” will be presented in a work marked by the fascination for dance videos.

On the Old Port of Marseille from June 30 to July 3, the storm in all its forms will be central to the work presented.

At the Saint-Lô horse racing center (Manche) from July 5 to September 2, a selection of videos around animals will invite the viewer to deepen their understanding. “understanding these fascinating beings who share our planet”.

From July 12 to September 9, at the Maison de la Conversation in Paris, the heart of the Olympic Games, the praise of diversity will be at the heart of the work called “The world belongs to everyone”.

At the Senetosa Lighthouse in Sartène (Southern Corsica, representing the hike) from July 26 to August 12, a “poetic and political reflection on the use of LED light in our post-industrial societies” will be proposed by the Chinese artist Yuyan Wang based on video sequences.

In the largest skate park in France in Nîmes (Gard), from September 7 to 29, three artists will give their vision of the urban world, including a graffiti called “For a new Thelma and Louise” (2020) by Anne-Lise Coste.

Finally, at the peristyle of the town hall of Tours (Indre-et-Loire, representing cycling) from October 6 to 13, three works will attempt to “giving a new version to the iconic scene (of the monolith) from 2001 A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick”.

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