Continuing to do this leads to sterility and causes many diseases • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Muhammad Al-Fawzan Al-Tamimi, a specialist in sports training, revealed the dangers of sauna baths and sitting in them for long periods, noting that some believe that sitting in the sauna contributes to burning fat and grease on the body, and this is a wrong belief.

Al-Tamimi explained, during his meeting on the “Yahla” program broadcast on the “Rotana Gulf” channel, that to lose a kilo of the body, 7700 calories must be burned, and it must come out by the process of breaking fat, which is a complex process by exhaling (carbon dioxide) from the body. The lung is 84%, and the rest is converted into water by 16% through urine and sweat, so sweat is also not related to weight loss.

He warned of the dangers of sitting for long periods in the sauna, explaining that the duration of sitting in the sauna is not supposed to exceed 15 minutes and not exceed once a month only, because in the sauna the temperature in the body decreases, the blood vessels open, the blood flow is higher and the pressure drops, so do not It is recommended for patients with pressure, heart and kidneys.

He also revealed, at the same time, that sitting in the sauna for more than a quarter of an hour continuously leads to a decrease in sperms in men, and thus may lead to infertility.

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