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2023-07-07 14:23:05

A controversial decision Entertainment July 07, 2023

A mother is causing controversy on social networks by demonstrating that for her son’s 18th birthday she hired an “exotic” dancer.

Through a video that was shared on Instagram, lThe users could see how the young man was sitting in a chair when his mother arrives with a cake to celebrate his 18th birthday, being celebrated by everyone present.

However, the big surprise took her when her mother asked her to close her eyes again after blowing out the candles, at which point she mentions “happy birthday my love, what you have always wanted” and the “exotic” dancer enters.

The situation overflowed and everyone present celebrated the young man, while he only stared at the woman.

Clearly, the video did not go down very well with all the people, who assured that these attitudes are not good, since objectify to the women and that the parent could give something else.

On the other hand, some took it with humor and mentioned that the young man was already adult.

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