Controversial Home Dance Videos: Egyptian Farmer Challenges Safinaz, Fifi Abdo, and Mocha!

2023-06-30 17:44:00

Friday, June 30, 2023 08:44 PM

You are now following news better than Safinaz.. An Egyptian farmer doing and challenging Fifi Abdo and Mocha with a compass, shaking right and shaking left, in a room with far black and white..and following the chops of Angie Khoury, and now with the details

Riyad – Ahmed Salah – In the past few days, women have become accustomed to publishing videos that attract followers and viewers, as women are usually inside their homes and raise their children properly and soundly, but what we have become accustomed to in the past few days and months

It is the appearance of women inside their homes, and they say strong dance links, which sparked controversy around them in a very strong way, and they faced very great criticism because of what they do inside their homes and inside rooms.
Those who stay in it and appear in house clothes and bedroom clothes.

An Egyptian farmer performed a very strong dance link that made her top the social networking sites, but her presentation was very transitional, but inside her house, which was demanded by the followers and the large audience to stop these videos, which feel very large on the social media platforms YouTube and Tuk Tok recently and Instagram

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