Controversial message from “Pepe” Albistur: “This is Easter, we don’t know if it falls in March or April”

2024-01-22 00:40:00

The former Secretary of Media of the Nation, José “Pepe” Albisturis on vacation on the coast and from the Buenos Aires town of Cariló sent a video to a group of friends who leaked to the press.

The video immediately went viral. “As I told you, colleagues, it is a time for calm, reflection and, above all, for popcorn, let’s not run out of popcorn. This is Easter, we don’t know if it falls in March or April,” the businessman ironically says with the shouts of the beach vendors in the background, sitting on a lounge chair, with his back to the sea, while he eats “Pochoclo Saltarín” on a beach in Carilo.

Bad drink in Cariló: “Pepe” Albistur and Victoria Tolosa Paz were beaten

Recently and involuntarily, “Pepe” Albistur appeared in another video with his wife, Minister of Social Development in the Government of Alberto Fernández and current national deputy, Victoria Tolosa Paz.

The couple, who were having dinner with friends at a restaurant in Cariló, were rebuked by some teenagers, who They took her cell phone when they found out that the deputy was having dinner in the same place, they approached her to film the situation and began to yell at them.: “Keep stealing, huh. How much is the cheapest dish? Fifteen thousand pesos, right?” In the background, they accused the deputy of ““chorra” and “thief”.

They point to Pepe Albistur as the person responsible for the posters against Cristina

In line with its irony, news He looked up and demanded: “Pay your taxes!”. The event occurred in the prestigious Peruvian food establishment called “Zur”, owned by chef Fabrizio Cardenas.

“Pepe” Albistur is a historic leader of Peronism who is in charge of the PJ campaigns since the recovery of democracy in 1983. He is married to Tolosa Paz, who was Minister of Social Development during the Albertista government and arrived in the Chamber of Deputies on December 10.

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