Controversial Moment: Argentine Actor Luciano Castro Reacts to ‘Touching’ on Paraguayan TV

2023-11-02 20:17:07

An Argentine actor called Luciano Castro He lived a rather uncomfortable moment on Paraguayan TV, this after receiving a kind of compliment and ‘touching’ from one of the presenters.

The artist was going to be interviewed on the local program called Unicanal’s Morning. However, at the beginning one of the presenters broke protocol.

In this way, Dallys Ferreira greeted him with total normality, but Dora Ceria approached him and touched him on the chest and shoulders, and then said: “It’s real, ma’am! It’s real!”

After that, the actor’s face changed completely, and he even only went to talk to Ferreira.

“Are you used to it?” the entertainer asked, to which Castro responded: “No, it does not bother me. But if I do it the other way around, I have a lawsuit.”

Argentine actor reacts to ‘touching’ live

“If I tell you ‘let’s see if it’s real’ and we all go to prison. We are all prisoners. You do it and it’s funny. “I do it and I go to prison,” he added.

“I speak for the equality that supposedly exists. Let’s not sell smoke. It doesn’t bother me because I feel like a prostitute. “Inequality bothers me.” he concluded.

However, seconds later, the artist preferred to go directly to the interview he was going to have in the studio.

According to the Argentine newspaper La Nación, the subsequent conversation was on good terms between Luciano Castro and the cheerleaders.

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