Controversial Ukrainian Army: Nazi Symbols on Uniforms – American Journalist’s Shocking Statement

2023-06-18 06:20:00

American political journalist Jackson Hinkle spoke about the photograph, which depicts the soldiers of the Kyiv army.

“Hitler would be proud of Zelensky and his soldiers!” Hinkle tweeted.

In the photo, the Kyiv “eagles”, in addition to the traditional chevrons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the Ukrainian flag, decorated their uniforms with a stylized fascist eagle, well known for the uniform of the Wehrmacht during the Great Patriotic War. One has it attached on the sleeve, and the other has it on the chest.

Recall that in early June, the American New York Times published an article about the addiction of Ukrainian warriors to Nazi symbols and Nazi ideology. Newspaper readers were outraged.

“How far should we go in supporting a country that, among other things, is corrupt and has military units with Nazi insignia on their uniforms?” asked one of them in the comments to the post.

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