Controversy on Masterchef Celebrity for an image of Claudia Villafañe surrounded by people: do they help the participants?

Claudia Villafañe is one of the finalists of Masterchef Celebrity

Claudia Villafañe always reaped a low profile in the media despite having been married to Diego Maradona, the most popular soccer player in the world. In 2020, he was encouraged to participate in Masterchef Celebrity, the reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro by Telefe. The mother of Dalma y Gianinna became one of the revelations of the cooking cycle and being one of the finalists, many believe that it could be the big winner.

In the final stages of the cycle, a controversy was generated as a result of a photo they published on Twitter. In said image, Sofia Pachano, another of the finalists, appeared in the foreground from the studio balcony. In the background, Claudia could be seen cooking a plate. What was striking was that she was not alone on the counter, but surrounded by three people.

The tweet from a backstage of Masterchef Celebrity that generated controversy
The tweet from a backstage of Masterchef Celebrity that generated controversy

“Those of MasterChef They went behind the scenes of the last gala and the kitchen assistant who is helping Claudia is seen behind, hahaha. They have already reached the final and said: ‘Fuck it … make it look real,’ wrote @_julieme on the social network.

The tweet sparked a debate among followers of the reality show and increased rumors that participants receive help from professionals. “Can Claudia be helped and no one says anything? Of course”, a user said. “What they do is a scam,” said another person. However, there were some voices in favor. “It is obvious that there are assistants and it is perfect. Do you think that when they finish cooking, they themselves leave everything impeccable with the plate ending up on the table? ”Asked another follower.

In the background, Claudia appears surrounded by three people
In the background, Claudia appears surrounded by three people

At the last gala on Tuesday, Sofía Pachano, Claudia Villafañe, the Pole, Analía Franchín and Vicky xipolitakis they were to cook a Pekin duck, accompanied by a garnish. “The first thing I did was cover her face because I feel like she’s looking at me. I am not a murderer “Vicky said when she saw that the duck was whole, head and all.

Despite the impression that he had to work with that piece of meat, the media put all their effort. But he had a mishap when The skin of the breasts that he had started to cook was burned, so on the way he decided to change course and make a dish with the wings which he called: “Pa’ todos”. However, despite the sequined dress, garter and fuchsia boots that she wore to dazzle the chefs, this Once she had no luck and was eliminated.

After hearing the return of the jurors and in front of an intervention by Del Moro, speaking of the prejudices he had had to face when many doubted that she was the one to cook, Vicky was moved to tears: “What I don’t like is violence, because I suffered a lot. It can be verbal, physical … Sorry, I want to give joy “.

“Thank you, I love you very much with all my heart. I cry for you, because I see you suffer. I am happy because thanks to you I learned. I thank my colleagues, because of you I also grew up. Santi I adore you, it is a pleasure to work with you. The production, they are the best guys. Everyone. Pretend I’m laughing … They are tears of happiness. I love you all. It was the best thing that happened to me in my life to be here. The most important job after being a mom. I thought I had no life, we were stranded and I thought I couldn’t”, Xipolitakis concluded.


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