Controversy over an ornament in the shape of a ‘crashed plane’ that pays tribute to Chapecoense

2023-11-25 19:54:00

A few days after commemorating seven years of the tragedy that took the life of the team Chapecoense in a plane crash in Colombiaa town near the scene of the event chose to pay a controversial tribute: they placed a Christmas decoration in the shape of ‘crashed plane’.

He November 28, 2016 The club from Brazil experienced one of the worst moments in its history when the team that was traveling to play the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final against Atlético Nacional suffered a fatal accident in La Unióna town in the city of Antioquia.

Tragedy in Villa Cañas: a military plane crashed and its two crew members died

With the arrival of the holidays and the next anniversary of the tragedy that shocked the world of football, the administration of the Colombian municipality decided to hold a tribute to the Brazilian club. However, this initiative has sparked controversy and has generated strong criticism due to the controversial decision made.

A ‘crashed plane’ to commemorate Chapecoense

In the town of La Unión, the authorities decided to begin preparations for Christmas and among the decorations in the main park a large figure stood out that represented a crashed planethus evoking the tragic event of Chapecoense that occurred years ago.

The most striking thing about this ornament was its magnitude and the way it was designedsince it had the front part stuck in the ground and was tilted, as if it had just collided with the grass in the park.

This decision was quickly criticized by people who demonstrated social networks and in the streets of the town against what they considered an unfortunate gesture. Although it was initially proposed as a heartfelt tribute to the football team, its impact was completely opposite.

After the wave of criticism, the Mayor’s Office recognized the error, asked for forgiveness and, even though they emphasized that the idea was to “represent the history of the municipality,” finally They dismantled the controversial figure of the place.

Adornment to celebrate Chapecoense

“Given that the installation of the figure of the plane, which alludes to the event that occurred on November 28, 2016, which marked the town, has generated different reactions on social networks, the decision was made by the Mayor’s Office of La Unión to remove said figure from the main park“explained the mayor Edgar Alexander Osorioit’s a statement.

And he added: “If at any time any human being on the planet was offended, as mayor of the union I apologize… I saw the image two or three days ago, I try to impress myself with the lighting and, almost always, they have been very “beautiful.”

Adornment to celebrate Chapecoense

Seven years since the Chapecoense tragedy

This November 28th will mark seven years since the plane carrying the team Chapecoense crashed into the Cerro Gordo de la Unión. The flight, which was headed to Medellín to play the final of the Copa Sudamericana, ended in a devastating tragedy, claiming the lives of 72 of the 77 passengers.

He Charter flight 2933 from the airline Lamia collided with a mountain in the municipality at 9:30 p.m. local time (11:30 p.m. in Argentina) of that Monday in 2016. At that moment there were hours of chaos and pain in the middle of the darkness while attempts were made to rescue the survivors and identify the deceased.

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Among the fatalities were players, coaching staff, leaders, sports journalists and crew personnel. Only five people survived.Initially there were six, but one of them died during transfer to the San Juan Dios de La Ceja hospital.

According to various sources, the reason for the plane crash had been the result of electrical failures and then lack of fuel. At the moment, The remains of the plane remain on the hill where the fatal accident occurred. Some classify it as the use of tragedy to make business, while others see it as a way to honor his memory.

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