Controversy Surrounding Gustavo Quinteros’ Contract Renewal at Colo-Colo: What’s Next for the Santa Fe Strategist?

2023-07-09 18:13:05

The Santa Fe strategist has a valid contract until the end of the 2023 season.

In this season, Colo-Colo was again eliminated in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, so many people quickly joined the criticism against the squad and Gustavo Quinterospointing him out as one of those responsible for the new failure of the Cacique in the international arena.

Despite this, since black and white They ratified their confidence in the Argentine-Bolivian strategist, pointing out that they will not terminate his contract early. However, the santafesino’s link with the club is only valid until the end of the 2023 season, so the Albos do not have a confirmed coach for next year.

In that context, Alfredo Stöhwing talked with Third, where he put the continuity of DT albo on hold for the next year. The boss was asked if there are talks to renew the contract, to which he replied: “No, there is no decision. I’m bad at anticipating things, because in a professional administration one must proceed with the respective evaluations. We are still far from being able to make an evaluation, but We have a very suitable job with the coaching staff headed by Gustavo”

Subsequently, the businessman hinted that he would like to continue with the former Emelec coach at the helm of the club. “I always like to have a long-term relationship, so that we are working both for now and for the future, with the coordination of the Sports Management. So it hasn’t been discussed or decided, but The idea is not to make changes unless they are strictly necessary..”

Despite the wishes of Alfredo Stöhwing, black and white y Gustavo Quinteros They should talk to agree on the terms of a possible renewal. In case of not reaching an agreement, the Alba leadership will have to start thinking about possible candidates to replace the former coach of the Bolivian National Team.

Since his arrival in Macul in 2020, Gustavo Quinteros has directed 129 appointmentsin which he has achieved 64 wins, 35 draws and 30 defeatsthereby registering a 58.9% yield.

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