Controversy with the VAR in River-Tigre: why the referee Espinoza was right in not taking Marinelli’s penalty on Palavecino

* The controversial play on the end of the match

It was the 40th minute of the second half when River Plate it was a trumpet and I was looking for a draw against Tigre. In one of the many approaches, with centers and shots from medium distance, there was an action claimed by the entire local cast. With the whole team focused on attack and almost inside the area, Matador’s defense could not reject long and Enzo Fernández tried with a volley that left the ball served to Agustín Palavecino almost at the penalty spot.

Diagonally, and before the desperate exit of goalkeeper Gonzalo Marinelli, the millionaire midfielder fell. Of course, the 70 thousand souls that overflowed the Monumental demanded a penalty. However, the referee Fernando Espinoza He made a gesture that nothing had happened. Seconds later, there was an infraction that stopped the game and all the local soccer players went over the referee, who in this case was right not to validate a penalty.

Judging by the images, which the VAR also reviewed and the main referee ended up giving him the right, it is seen how the goalkeeper Marinelli arrives first to cover the ball and Palavecino is the one who continues his career causing contact. After that, the River Plate player deliberately drops. It is clear that the contact is initiated by the offensive midfielder, which is why Judge Espinoza was right with his decision, as were those who were in charge of the technology.

The moment of impact, which initiates the Millionaire’s man

At the time of the controversy, Marcelo Gallardo raised his arms in protest, but immediately asked to wait for the verdict of human-technology. One of the most emphatic in the claims was Enzo Pérez, but nothing changed.

The millionaire ended up stumbling 2-1 at home and was left out of the competition in the quarterfinals, against a Tigre that was superior in the first half. In any case, the duel ended up being resolved by a big mistake by Paulo Díaz at the start that Facundo Colidio took advantage of to beat Armani and hit the Monumental.


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