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The universe of kitchen robots it has multiplied in recent years. Driven by the appearance of numerous brands, the current lifestyle increases the need to acquire one of them: the speed, the ease of processing recipes, the versatility of its functions and, above all, the comfort of having it next to the stoves show a change in culinary habits. However, the price is usually a handicap when purchasing a robotic bugger cooking.

Therefore, from EL PAÍS Showcase we want to propose the advanced model Cook Expert de Magimix as a necessary investment compared to other competitors, an ideal complement for the needs of a whole family, for the most novice or also for the most advanced cooks.

For sale on the Lecuine website, this model has become, for many, the best alternative to other premium products on the market, such as the now classic Thermomix. And it is that, broadly speaking, it offers a series of advantages and very complete characteristics with an official 30-year warranty associated with its most important part: the engine. Available in three colors –negro, Red Y chrome-, you can finance it in 24 comfortable interest-free installments (or 36 with interest). Do you want to know more about him? Join us and we will show you its full potential in the kitchen:

Buy for € 1,200 in Lecuine

Cook Expert, an alternative would be the Thermomix

Made in France, its structure is designed to make life easier for us. On the front, it incorporates a very intuitive touch screen from which to select the steps to follow for the preparation of each recipe. Prepared for daily combat, the Magimix kitchen robot It can handle everything: from the basics, such as slicing and slicing fruits and vegetables or kneading bread, to the most delicate: like whipping egg yolks to the point of stiffness or delicious creams. Simple starters The elaborate desserts, all with very careful finishes while maintaining the nutrients.

Its stainless steel bowl is 3.5 liters compared to the 2.2 of the Thermomix V5 with which we can cook for a maximum of eight people. This container is also capable of keeping food hot or cold for hours due to the double wall structure. As for the mechanical part, Cook Expert equip a universal basic blade for precision grinding, mixing or mincing and another special one for meat and fish; both manufactured by the famous Sabatier brand of high quality knives.

The robot includes a dozen accessories plus two more: a multi-tiered steamer basket and a 50 recipe book for steaming. Among the first, we highlight their four interchangeable discs to cut, grate or laminate; the three vats (1.6, 2.6 and 3.6 liters) to achieve more careful preparations such as mayonnaise, sauces or patés; A spatula to reach the most inaccessible corners or a scale of maximum precision (One gram).

Buy for € 1,200 in Lecuine

Induction base, twelve programs and free app

Cook faster and smoother by controlling the temperature at all times –in a range of 30 to 160 degrees– with the induction base that it incorporates: thanks to it grades increase one by one, with greater accuracy than what other competitors can offer, such as the Thermomix, which does so in intervals of five by five. Its comfortable clear glass lid It will allow you to visualize the state of the elaboration minute by minute.

The twelve automated programs that includes will complement the more than 300 recipes stored in your free app. Step-by-step guided elaborations, covering both international and Spanish cuisine dishes, with slow cooks for even tastier dishes. And always silent use, even with the engine performing at maximum revolutions.

In short, a product that has three year warranty on materials and workmanship before any damage. In addition to a Customer Service that covers all of Spain and periodic Internet updates to enjoy a software with new cooking functions. An investment that you will not regret over time.

Buy for € 1,200 in Lecuine

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* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of September 29, 2020.

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