Coordination of private and private universities.. 82% of medicine and pharmacy 74%.. and 55% for the media

Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, chaired this evening, Wednesday, the joint meeting of the two councils Private and private universitiesIn the presence of Dr. Mohamed Helmy Al-Ghar, Secretary of the Council of Private Universities and Acting Secretary of the Council of Private Universities, and members of the two councils, at the headquarters of the Future University in New Cairo.

At the beginning of the meeting, the members of the two councils extended their sincere congratulations to Dr. Ayman Ashour for the confidence of the political leadership for his assumption of the position of Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, wishing them continued success.

The members of the two councils also thanked Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar for his distinguished efforts in upgrading the higher education and scientific research system during the last period, congratulating him on the occasion of his assumption of the duties of the Ministry of Health and Population.

Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, media advisor and official spokesperson for the ministry, said that the Minister of Higher Education indicated in the meeting that private and private universities represent an important tributary of the higher education system in Egypt in recent years, which has worked to reduce pressure on public universities, noting that their presence is a necessity. To accommodate the increase in demand in Egyptian university education, praising the progress these universities have achieved in international rankings.

The official spokesman for the ministry added that the Minister of Higher Education confirmed during the meeting that the ministry’s future plan will witness the continuation of the implementation of all files to develop the higher education system and scientific research, in order to achieve the state’s plan to achieve sustainable development (Egypt Vision 2030).

The official spokesman of the ministry added that the minister referred to the start of studies in new private universities for the new academic year 2022-2023, as well as interest in international partnerships with prestigious foreign universities, inter-study programs, new study programs, and their response to the needs of the labor market, and the international classification of Egyptian universities.

The official spokesman explained that the minister constantly directed universities to participate in the community, through medical, veterinary, and agricultural convoys, educational seminars, and various events and activities.

The Minister also directed the importance of continuing the efforts of universities in preparation for the new academic year 2022/2023, and the speedy completion of all maintenance operations for buildings, auditoriums, classrooms, and laboratories, as well as university cities, and to emphasize safety and security standards in all university facilities.

The official spokesman of the ministry announced that the two councils agreed to determine the minimum admission that allows the student to apply for admission to all specializations in the faculties of private and private universities as follows:

Coordination of private and private universities

Group A includes universities:

1. Private universities: (6 October, October for Modern Sciences and Arts, Misr for Science and Technology, Egypt International, German, Al-Ahram Canadian, British in Egypt, Modern Technology and Information, Pharos, Al-Nahda, Future, Egyptian Russian., Delta for Science and Technology, Heliopolis, New Giza, Deraya, Badr, Horus, Egyptian Chinese, Merritt, Sphinx, Salam, Badr, New Salhiya, Al Hayat).

2. Private universities: (New Mansoura, National E-learning, Nile National, French National in Egypt, Egypt Informatics, Assiut National, Mansoura National, Minya National, Menoufia National, Helwan National, Zagazig National, Banha National, Qena National, Alexandria eligibility, Beni Suef eligibility).

Group (B) includes universities: (Galala, El Alamein International)

Group (C) includes universities: (Sinai with its two branches, East Port Said National, New Ismailia National)

Group (D) includes the University: (King Salman International with its three branches).

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