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2023-11-24 08:08:00

Vienna (OTS)The Austria Initiative represents the interests of artists in Austria in the fields of fine art, film & theater, literature and music. It advocates for the Austrian legislature to adapt the legal framework in order to achieve the following goals:

  1. A modern copyright law that once again puts those who originally gave the legal matter its name at the center of attention: these are authors (and performing artists)
  2. Appropriate and proportionate remuneration for the use of works and services
  3. Fair contracts for artists

In particular, the initiative develops proposals to strengthen the typically weaker negotiating position of artists vis-à-vis their contractual partners (publishers, labels, film producers, broadcasters, other exploiters) and to improve the remuneration situation of artists in Austria.

From 22.-23. The first conference will take place in November 2023 Austrian Initiative took place in Vienna. The main topics covered were generative artificial intelligence (AI), collective copyright (common remuneration rules) and appropriate and proportionate remuneration for online uses (streaming, downloading, social media).

At the conference, national and international experts from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia gave top-class specialist lectures. There were also exciting panel discussions on current copyright issues. Artists, politicians, scientists, lawyers and representatives of the press took part.

The first conference was the start of a variety of activities that the association has planned for the coming years in the interest and benefit of Austrian artists. A review of the streaming and recorded conference will soon be available on the website. The second conference will take place in autumn 2024 Austrian Initiative take place.


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