Córdoba: after a crime, experts from the Judicial Police had to take refuge from the bullets

Workers of the Judiciary of Córdoba experienced moments of tension while carrying out expert reports for a crime that occurred last Friday in the Villa Gran Parque neighborhood, in Córdoba Capital, and had to take refuge when neighbors fired a dozen shots while demanding Justice for the act.

Taking refuge in a house and “couching” behind parked vehicles, the workers heard the “whistling of bullets” and fortunately no one was injured.

Employee representatives filed their complaint because there were only a few police officers at the location and no Infantry personnel, trained for this type of situation, were present.

Córdoba: shooting in the middle of an expert opinion

The episode occurred in the midst of rigorous tasks to collect evidence for the crime of Claudio Rodrigo Valdez, 21, who was shot in the chest, Juan B. Justo and Japan Avenue.

While the experts worked, relatives and friends of the victim came to demand justice. At that moment the shooting began.

“We arrived at the place thinking that the security conditions were given with a group of Infantry, but it was not there. There were consignment and homicide police, but they do not have the tactical training to defend the team, ”he told The twelve one of the spokespersons for the workers.

“When they were finishing relieving they opened fire towards where they were working. Most of the personnel are not police, we do not have tactical training. We do not carry weapons nor do we have bulletproof vests. Luckily we are not mourning a death, ”she added.

And he detailed: They appealed to their instinct, they cowered like little animals, listening to the whistle of the bullets. They went home without talking to a psychologist, doctor or psychiatrist to check if they were okay. Almost a week has passed and no superior or manager has contacted the technicians to see how they are doing”.

Meanwhile, delegate Ernesto Ortíz told Radio University: “More than 50 shots were fired. They had to drop to the ground because they had no security from the Córdoba Police, the Infantry Guard or any other security force.”

This Wednesday, the body of delegates and the Judiciary union hold an assembly to demand the implementation of the Office of Preventive Medicine where psychological support sanctioned 11 years ago can be provided.

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