Corona demo in Berlin: Police are investigating alternative practitioners! Tamara K. threatens this punishment – News Inland

First police balance sheet for the corona demo last weekend in Berlin!

Tamara K. is the woman who guided the mob to the Reichstag. After the attempted assault on parliament, the police are now investigating the alternative practitioner for “incitatory breach of the peace”. This is reported by the “Daily mirror“.

Means: Tamara K. is accused of influencing the crowd. The conspiracy theorist is said to have been a “fanatic”. The goal: riots, violence, threats!

Trump was in Berlin, the woman with the dreadlocks lied

Tamara K. claimed in a speech that US President Donald Trump was in Berlin. She called on the demonstrators to occupy the steps of the Reichstag to send a sign to Trump: “We now have to prove that we are all here and we go on there and get our house back here and now today,” whipped them the crowd.

Afterwards Tamara K. also called for a peaceful protest. Too late. Hundreds of demonstrators, some of them right-wing extremists, ran onto the stairs of the Reichstag and tried to storm the building – unsuccessfully.

If Tamara K. is charged and convicted, everything would be possible for the woman from the Eifel, from a fine to three years in prison (Section 125 of the Criminal Code).

In the attack on the Reichstag, a total of 21 crimes were found, according to “Tagesspiegel”, including two physical attacks on police officers, three times resistance to law enforcement officers, three insults against police officers, two particularly serious breaches of the peace and one simple breach of the peace.

Tens of thousands of others had peacefully demonstrated in Berlin-Mitte against the federal government’s corona measures. On Saturday they were mainly on Friedrichstrasse, Unter den Linden, at the Victory Column and in front of the Reichstag. On Sunday again at the Victory Column.

However, there were also numerous right-wing extremists and Reich citizens among the demonstrators.

The police registered a total of 424 criminal offenses and administrative offenses on Saturday. On Sunday, another 61 criminal offenses and administrative offenses were added, according to a police spokesman. In a total of 14 cases, demo participants showed fake health certificates that allegedly remove the mask requirement.

None of the offenders is in custody

The regulatory offenses are mostly the refusal to keep the prescribed minimum distance, to put on a mask or to leave the dissolved demonstration. The numbers are likely to rise. Because the investigation is ongoing.

So far, however, nobody has been in custody – despite violent attacks on the police!

59 police officers were injured over the entire weekend, according to a spokesman for the authority. Three officers were injured so badly that they could not finish their duties.

According to the “Tagesspiegel”, 88 criminal charges were filed against the police by demonstrators. Often the accusation is bodily harm in office.


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