Corona: Fourth Biontech vaccination does not provide sufficient protection ++ Lauterbach warns


Corona: Study – Fourth vaccination does not protect against omicron

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Oxfam: Corona crisis plunges 160 million more people into poverty

Oxfam: Corona crisis plunges 160 million more people into poverty

According to a study, the Corona crisis has further exacerbated global social inequality. The aid and development organization Oxfam complains about the “profit logic” of the economy in the pandemic.

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The new variant of the corona virus largely bypasses vaccination protection. Data from Israel also gives little hope. All information in the blog.

  • According to a study from Israel, the fourth corona vaccination does not provide sufficient protection against omicron
  • In Saxony, hundreds of people are protesting against corona deniers
  • Lauterbach sees no reason to give the all-clear
  • The RKI reports another record incidence for Germany on Monday
  • The German Nursing Council expects many layoffs in clinics and medical practices because of the obligation to vaccinate

Berlin. The number of Corona -New infections continue to rise. Reported this on Monday Robert Koch Institute (RKI) an incidence of 528.2 – a new record value. For many, one way out of the pandemic is the coronacompulsory vaccination. But whether this will come remains to be seen.

More on this: Corona in Germany – An overview of the current figures from the RKI

Karl Lauterbach with a view to the Corona situation, still sees no reason to give the all-clear. “I warn against underestimating Omikron,” said the Health Minister on Monday at a press conference with Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig in Schwerin. Most of the beds available for the intensive care of corona patients are already full, with patients who are dealing with the Delta-Variant would have infected.

Corona news from Monday, January 17, 2022: Ex-constitutional judge Paper doubts the legality of a general obligation to vaccinate

11 p.m.: The former President of the Federal Constitutional Court, Hans-Jürgen Papier, has expressed serious doubts about the constitutionality of a general obligation to vaccinate. “In my opinion, on the basis of the current level of knowledge and knowledge, one cannot convincingly justify that a general statutory obligation to vaccinate the principles of proportionality will correspond,” writes Papier in one evaluation, from which our editors quoted. The matter is currently not ready for a decision. You can read more about Paper’s reasoning here.

Nursing council expects terminations in the event of facility-related compulsory vaccination

10:50 p.m.: The German Nursing Council assumes that the facility-related vaccination requirement will lead to layoffs in the industry from mid-March. This affects less the nursing staff, but supporting activities such as care assistants, Nursing Council President Christine Volger told our editorial team. The same applies “to kitchen or cleaning staff in the facilities”. In these professional groups there is “a somewhat low vaccination rate”. Some of these employees were considering “changing jobs if vaccination becomes mandatory at their workplace,” Vogler said.

At the nursing staff In the clinics as well as in the inpatient and outpatient area, the association fears “less dismissals of specialists who give up their jobs because of the vaccination requirement. The vaccination rate is high there,” said Volger. This generally applies to health professions, “but there is also a small proportion who definitely do not want to be vaccinated”.

Health ministers want to relieve medical practices in the Omicron wave

10:38 p.m.: In view of the rapid spread of the omicron variant, the health ministers of the federal states are committed to the outpatient medical care to support and relieve. As a result of the omicron wave, it is to be expected that many more patients with predominantly milder courses of the disease will have to be cared for in the doctor’s office, explained the chairwoman of the conference of health ministers, Saxony-Anhalt’s department head Petra Grimm-Benne (SPD), after the video switch on Monday evening .

the Health Ministers Conference therefore wants to ask the Federal Ministry of Health to examine, among other things, the regulations on telephone sick reports for respiratory diseases and on video consultation hours. According to the information provided, the committee is also committed to the reintroduction of the rescue package for practices from 2020 to protect the contract doctor infrastructure, especially in the event of a large number of staff shortages or if non-acute treatments have to be postponed.

Again thousands of people on the streets against Corona measures

9:53 p.m.: As on the previous Mondays, thousands of people across Germany took action against corona measures and a possible one in the evening compulsory vaccination demonstrated. The protests were from one large police force and in many places accompanied by counter-demonstrations. At first there were only a few incidents. Meetings were broken up several times because the police could not find a leader or because the obligation to protect the mouth and nose was violated.

According to the police, thousands of people protested against the corona measures in Berlin. One of the larger demos moved from Alexanderplatz in the direction of the Brandenburg Gate, where, according to the banner, “vaccinated and unvaccinated against compulsory vaccination”. Few people wore masks. A loudspeaker car rang out: “Merkel, Spahn, Steinmeier, Drosten to jail”. Before the ZDF Capital Studio the train stopped for an intermediate rally. A speaker insulted the “German media” that were “conformed” like in 1933, he also spoke of the “lying press”.

Israeli study: Fourth vaccination not sufficient

8:38 p.m.: A fourth Corona vaccination does not provide adequate protection against the omicron variant, according to an Israeli study. Infections are also observed in people who have been vaccinated four times, said Professor Gili Regev from the Shiba Hospital near Tel Aviv. Two weeks after a fourth dose of the preparation from Biontech/Pfizer, a “nice increase” in antibodies can be observed.

Their number is even slightly higher than after the third vaccination. “But for Omikron this nice value is not enough.” Regev emphasized that these are interim results of the study, so she did not want to give more precise figures.

Around 150 participants in the study had received a fourth dose of the vaccine from Biontech-Pfizer two weeks ago. A week ago, 120 other participants received a fourth vaccination after three doses of Biontech/Pfizer Modern.

It is the world’s first attempt at a fourth vaccination with combined vaccines, Regev said. The results of both groups after one week are very similar. “We don’t see a significant difference.”

National handball team: Five other players positive

8:34 p.m.: Before the final preliminary round game of the German handball players at the European Championship against Poland, five other players tested positive. This means that a total of seven players will be absent from the game this Tuesday.

Protests in Saxony against corona deniers

8:23 p.m.: In several Saxon cities hundreds of people took to the streets to against corona deniers, to protest vaccination opponents and conspiracy ideologues. In Leipzig, between 400 and 500 people, including nursing staff and medical students, gathered under the motto “Show attitude”. They campaigned for togetherness and showed solidarity with the Dresden medical students, who symbolically stood around the university clinic there on Thursday. Because of too many participants, they had been fined. There were also demonstrations in Chemnitz, Dresden and Zwickau against the ongoing protests against the Corona policy.

The right-wing extremist micro-party “Freie Sachsen” had called for protests in more than 150 locations in the Free State. Hundreds of opponents of the state corona measures and opponents of vaccination were on the streets again. According to the police, around 650 people gathered in downtown Bautzen, among other places. Among them were nurses who protested against compulsory vaccination at work. According to observers, up to 1000 corona opponents came together in Freiberg.

A new Corona blog starts here. All Corona news from January 17th you’ll find here.

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