Corona today: a surprise about the end of the epidemic .. and Omicron is like “

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Tuesday 04 January 2022

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After the new Corona virus has become a threat to the whole world, more than a year after its appearance, each of us has been looking forward to knowing what is happening every minute, in light of the tremendous development that Covid-19 has brought about in our lives.

“Masrawy” provides a daily service to display everything you want to know about the developments of the emerging corona virus, from the emergence of new symptoms or the occurrence of a different mutation, as well as the development of vaccines and medicines, in a nutshell.

Surprise about the end of the epidemic

Researchers are seeking to know the time when this epidemic, which has caused anxiety and confusion in the world, will end, and the “mckinsey.” website presented a report stating that the researchers confirmed that the last Omicron variant is not dangerous but is rapidly spreading, stressing that taking the vaccine is important because it reduces infection. Corona variables.

And Dr. Albert Koo, an infectious disease specialist at the Bell School of Public Health, indicated that the Corona virus will remain with us forever, and we will not be able to eliminate it, but it can be controlled through confrontation, knowledge and identifying different methods of treatment.

Could Omicron be a ‘natural vaccine’?

Regarding the novel coronavirus variant, many assumptions, speculations and facts have emerged, while the worrying variant also known as the Omicron variant has affected many countries, so far, there have been only a few serious cases, however, it has been noted that the variant The highly mutated mutation is spreading at a rapid pace, nearly five times faster than previous variants. This has alarmed countries globally, and health officials around the world have imposed restrictions and urged everyone to be vigilant, according to timesofindia.

Given that the omicron variant is spreading like wildfire, experts believe many will be infected but while most cases have been reported as ‘mild’, some doctors and virologists claim that it may lead to the formation of immunity and that the new variant could act as a ‘natural vaccine’. “.

Professor Ian Jones, a virologist at the University of Reading, recently supported the idea of ​​Omicron becoming a natural vaccine, and said that, like influenza, it posed no risks to healthy people, and stressed the risks involved, saying that infection with Omicron could boost immunity without causing illness. Serious illness.

Similarly, Dr Pradeep Await said: “We hope this trend will continue. If this happens, Omicron will serve as a natural vaccine, but while more data is awaited, the debate continues on the same topic.”

All you need to know about the symptoms and dangers of Florona

Amid persistent coronavirus fear due to spike in omicron variant cases worldwide, Israel reports first case of Fluorona Initially, the infected woman was not vaccinated against Corona, and her symptoms were relatively mild, and she is expected to be discharged soon, in light of this, here is what you need to know about the symptoms and dangers of Florona, “the union of influenza and the Corona virus,” according to the timesofindia website.

What are the symptoms of Florona?

Corona and influenza both cause respiratory infections resulting in approximately the same symptoms. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an individual can have the infection at the same time and share identical symptoms such as sore throat, cough, runny nose, fever, headache and fatigue.

The severity of the condition varies from person to person, some may suffer from mild symptoms, while others may suffer from severe signs, but both cases can be fatal if not treated on time, in the case of infection with the Covid virus, the person may suffer from loss of sense Taste and smell, which is not associated with influenza, even the post-infection complications seen in the case of Covid are missing with influenza virus infection.


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