Coronavirus: Coronavirus I German virologist explains why coronavirus will continue to increase in coming months

COVID-19 :

The Coronavirus pandemic progressing around the world and is already gone 54 million infections and an estimated 1,311,273 million deaths. Figures from the last few weeks suggest a third wave for the next few months and some experts have already set a date.

Sandra Ciesek is director of Institute of Medical Virology, University Clinic Frankfurt (Germany) and a prestigious virologist in her country. In an interview for XL weekly gave the The keys to why COVID-19 will continue to progress in the coming months.

Avoid leisure activities

“The number of cases has clearly increased in recent weeks. Now that due to bad weather, our lives will be spent mostly in closed places, we must count on this increase to continue. The most important is avoiding leisure activities which can give rise to massive infections ”, emphasizes virology.

Denmark as an example

On whether current restriction measures can curb infections: “Big indoor celebrations are a huge problem, that’s clear. Limiting them for a while is a very relevant measure. A good example can be found in our neighbors of Denmark. Was There was a considerable increase in cases in September, which was responded to with direct measures: in addition to carrying out mass tests, bars and restaurants close at ten in the evening, the use of a mask is mandatory in some places … However, schools and nurseries are still open … With these measures, Denmark has managed to stop the increase “he points out.

Are we ready to accept limitations?

“Like a doctor, my goal is that as few people as possible see their health damaged. For me, this is an ethical question and contains a question that society must answer: Are each of us, as individuals, ready to accept limitations so that the fewest number of people die from COVID-19? On the other hand, there are also opinions which hold just the opposite; This is from an economic point of view, the fact that there are many infections can be even more negative ”.

Opposition to measures for ethical issues: “Most of the time these are issues that are debated after the fact, and in the past we are all smarter. A good example of what I’m telling you is school closures. Today, it would be valued in another way. We now know that we must not only take into account protection against contagion, we must also think about the education of children and other aspects such as violence in the family environment. In short, we must develop a balanced strategy ”, Adds Ciesek.

The virus in daycare

Is the virus spreading in daycares ?: “We just concluded it, although it is still a little early to talk about the results. In short, you we are learning a lot about how children transmit the virus. And I think we’ll be able to provide more data soon on how it works to keep them in small groups that don’t mix with each other, so that we don’t have to quarantine entire courses for a single positive. He said.


“I think that in addition to the vaccine, we need a good antiviral. And one thing we unfortunately still don’t know: What immunity is really obtained by contagion? How long does it last? We are already witnessing the first re-infections; some of them with serious pictures. This is very disturbing, even though it appears to be something that only happens with extremely low frequency.. And, of course, the question of the long-term consequences left by the virus is also important. We do not even know if the virus is directly responsible or if it is the immune reaction ”, concludes the German expert.

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